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Too Beautiful For Words (6)

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I have a friend who thinks that everything needs to "do" something, to be useful in some way. I think that beauty is sufficient unto itself and that adding beauty to this world is "doing" something. These boxes fulfill that requirement exceptionally well.

EE. The Serendipitous Bombé Box. A happy meeting of a marvelous shape, a delightfully gay floral design, a rose, a ladybug and a butterfly; what I call a serendipitous meeting of elements that is perfection. Doesn't it bring a smile to your face? It did to mine is why I bought it. Open the chest and inside a gold filigree frame holds a sapphire blue perfume flacon with jeweled cap. Footed in the same filigree as the frame and the clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $285.00. Our price: $256.90. NEW and a delight!

FF. Just a Bird in a Gilded Cage. What a marvel this box is. The cage is heavy wire and suspended from the top is a tiny swing on which is perched a very colorful parrot. The floor of the cage, the Limoges box, has his food and water and some shells from the seeds that he loves. When the swing moves the whole box seems to come alive. It is interesting to note that he seems real when the swing is in motion. Inside the box is one of his feathers and the clasp, a compatriot of his. Retail: About $293.00. Our price: $263.90. A singular piece.

GG. The "To Mother With Love" Teapot Box.
We've not had a box specifically for Mother before. This one appealed to me because it was so frankly sweet and kind of old fashioned. The teapot itself is done in a blue pattern similar to Delftware and the pot is filled with tiny multicolored blooms. By the way, if you have never used a teapot as a container for flowers you are missing a good bet. They work particularly well with roses. Inside a tiny blossom, painted, and the clasp another. Our price: $199.90. NEW The Perfect Gift for Mother any day of the year.

The following item is by Special Order only
HH. The Heart Stoppingly Beautiful Blue Heart Box.
Set in an acanthus leaf holder that holds it upright this opulent heart speaks the language of love. Nothing need be said, the box says it all. The clasp is a spray of roses with a tiny heart superimposed on it Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW and who could resist this?

II. The Medieval Maiden Box. Again, from Chamart and their remarkable new artist, a young woman carrying a bucket of water, dressed appropriately for both the time and place. The face,the clothing are done in enormous detail. Each feature of her face and clothing is sculpted and then perfectly painted. Notice that the weight of the water bucket is forcing her to lean to the opposite side to counter it. It is obviously cool weather because she is wearing both a shawl and a head covering. Her dress is partially covered by a short apron and the toe of one shoe is peeping out from beneath her gown. Her auburn hair is seen under the head covering and the fringe of the shawl can be seen just above her left hand where the shawl is knotted.Our price: $212.90 NEW A remarkably lovely piece with incomparable detail.

JJ. The Pug's Life is An Open Book Box. This little pug is sitting on a thick book that is all about her. You wouldn't think there could be that much to say about such a small dog. She's probably had an interesting and adventurous life. (I am saying "she" because she is wearing a hot pink collar. I don't think a male pug would tolerate that.) This is the tiniest dog perhaps 3/4 of an inch tall and 1 1/4 inches from nose to tail. The book is apparently about her because it is open to a portrait of her. What do you suppose she could have done to warrant a book being written about her? Maybe she's had a secret life like Walter Mitty or maybe her name is Mata Hari and she's a spy masquerading as a pug. I'm just being silly because I think that pugs who look ferocious are just lambs in pugs clothing. Inside the box her muddy paw prints. Aha! There is another side to her. The clasp is a Frrench bow. The bottom side of this piece is a second book also about Pugs. I know that because it says so on the binding. Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW A really cute pup.

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