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Too Beautiful For Words (5)

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Too Beautiful for Words 5
Nothing that I can say about these boxes will describe them adequately. They are heart stoppingly touching and beautiful beyond description..

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
Y. The Enchanted Ballerina Box. When I saw this box I was enthralled by it. No box before has ever caught a facial expression that is this lifelike. This child obviously loves dancing and sees herself on the stage. It is apparent that she is imagining herself in the part of a prima ballerina taking her bows and allowing her audience to applaud her remarkable just completed performance. That's the facial expression. And look at the body of this perhaps 7 or 8 year old child, softly shaped arms and still chubby legs and a face innocent of anything but her dreams. I recognized this because at that age my daughter wanted desperately to be a ballerina and studied it and danced constantly. She gave up all of her other activities to dance every single day. Often I would enter her room which had a mirrored wall and barr for her practice and she would scramble up quickly hoping that I hadn't seen her in just such a position. She never realized that I had stood just outside her room watching her. To see her face when she danced for herself and thought she was alone was a treasured moment for me. The figure is perfect. The face is completely defined with every feature sculpted. The tutu is also well defined with the various layers of tulle able to be felt. Inside, her dancing slippers and the clasp, a rose from the bouquet her delighted audience just bestowed upon her. Our price: $199.90. An enchanting box. (If you own "Hands Down, The Best Kids Box Ever" -- you should purchase this piece. It is a similar type of box and perfect for displaying together.)

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
Z. The Portrait of a Young Child Box. From Rochard's Studio Collection comes another just exquisitely done portrait box, delicately beautiful and in the softest loveliest colors. A lime ground and shades of pink to deep rose touched with white bring the rose on the lid of the box alive. The lid motif is repeated on the base of this small oval box. Lift the lid and there is the Portrait of a Young Girl.The portrait, as with the others in this series, is done by transfer but it is so perfectly done that only a master could have done it. The inside of the box is white with tiny pink polka dots and the rose motif is repeated in the center of it. The clasp is a rose, of course. (You will find others similar to this box in the Studio Collection segments.) Retail: About $249.00. Our price: $224.90. NEW and literally "Too Beautiful for Words".

BB. The Rose Bombé Perfume Chest. We've had this shape several times in perfume boxes and always they are much loved by our audience. This one was so charming that I couldn't pass it by. It is light and gay and romantic looking all at the same time. The pink rose in relief that tops the box repeats the rose in the florals that decorate each side of the box. The feet are lacy gold metal. Open the lid and there is a blue jewel topped flacon sitting in a frame of delicate gold lace that matches the feet. A French bow for the clasp. Retail: About $275.00. Our price: $248.90. NEW and "Lovely to Look At."

The following item is by Special Order only
CC. The Wings of a Butterfly Heart Box.
There are not many butterfly boxes that I care for. Somehow they never seem to be delicate enough. Butterflies, if you have ever looked at one closely, have wings that are nearly transparent. What stops them from being transparent is the soft powdery substance that covers them giving them their coloring. They are so thin and delicate that if you handle them the wings are very easily damaged and the color comes off with just a touch.This butterfly appears to be that light and delicate and that's why I loved this box immediately that I saw it. The coloring of the box lends to the light and airy feeling. Inside one of the pink posies repeated. The clasp another. Our price: $142.90. Encore Appearance.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
DD. The Princess Pug on The Throne Box. Dogs haven't appeared in this segment before but this tiny Princess is sitting on a handsome and rather elaborate chair and I thought she deserved to be singled out and treated like the Princess that she obviously is. She is belled and wearing a red ribbon collar. The chair is a tapestry covered piece with an embroidered lattice pattern done in gold. Would anyone but a Princess think to sit on this? Inside a gold bow, painted and the clasp another gold bow. Retail: About $273.00. Our price: $245.90. NEW and very royal indeed.

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