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Too Beautiful for Words 2

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As always, Too Beautiful is a segment that just seems to put itself together. The boxes have nothing in common excepting that for some reason they look wonderful when they are together. This group just found it's way to each other's side and the next thing I knew, I was thinking how great they looked from a color standpoint, the widely varied shapes were interesting together and they were all very happy looking boxes. I had to smile when I looked at them. (That's a major criteria with me. If I smile when I see a box, it has to be part of our collection.) So enjoy this very eclectic group. I hope they make you smile, too.

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H. The Golden Daffodils Box.
An egg with tiny forget-me-nots sprinkled over the box, and bunches of yellow tulips that are not quite open and topping it all off Golden Daffodils in bas relief. Is it any wonder that I smiled when I saw this? What could be prettier than this bevy blooms? (The tulips are in relief as well.) Inside a forget-me-not and the clasp a flower. Our price: $182.90. NEW A box to make you smile. Isn't yellow the happiest color?

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I. The He Gave Me His Heart Tied With a Ribbon Box. Wouldn't this make a delightful way to present an engagement ring? Perfect for such a romantic occasion! If you have a son nearing marriageable age, this would be a lovely thing to buy and put away for him until he is ready to use it. It's light and airy and soooo romantic in an old fashioned way. Lot's of sentiment here. You can't miss that it means I Love You! Also wonderful for a Sweet Sixteen gift or a 21st Birthday Gift. The box is covered with roses, tulips, yellow marguerites and held with that charming green and white gingham ribbon. Inside, another rose and the clasp, another bow. Our price: $219.90. NEW, and it can go into your collection just because you love it. It doesn't need any other reason, just that it is sooo pretty.

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J. The Lady in Distress on a Windy Day Box.
When ladies wore clothes like these, (19th century), huge full skirts with dozens of layers of petticoats underneath and huge brimmed hats, their clothes were almost like sails. If the wind caught them they could be in complete disarray in a moment. That's where this lady finds herself. She is trying to hold her skirts, which are obviously being blown, and trying to hold her hat at the same time. No easy thing. But doesn't she look delightful? Her gown is lovely and she looks wonderful in it. I have to say this is the first box that we have ever had where I thought the clothing design was stylish and tasteful. Usually it is so frumpy. I find that very strange in view of the fact that the French have long been the leaders of the fashion world. ( I have said this repeatedly to all of our makers hoping that they would do something about it. Wouldn't it be fun if they did mannequins wearing clothes designed by some of the leading designers from years ago?) Anyway, this lady is in a garden, those are rows of flowers all about her. Such a pretty box. Nothing inside and the clasp is a flower. Retail: About $241.00 Our price: $216.90.
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K. The Beribboned Egg Box.
Covered with roses and ever so pretty. It comes with a surprise inside , a tiny bird's nest with three robin's eggs in it. (They are pale blue and speckled is how I know they are robin's eggs.) The clasp is a ribbon bow as well. Our price: $162.90.

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L. The Walking Stick Collection Box.
In the 18th century it was an affectation for ladies of nobility to carry canes. They had collections of them to go with all of their ensembles. They were kept in Walking Stick Stands like the one you see here except that ours has a box on the bottom of it and real ones did not. As they were leaving their boudoir they would select the cane to go with their costume. Our box comes with three canes, one a silver Horses Head cane, one an Ivory Headed cane, and one a Silver Snake Head. I have never seen this particular box before and I don't think I will be able to get more than this single one that I found so if you find you must have it -- now is the time. Retail: About $255.00. Our price: $229.90.

Sorry the following item is by Special Order Only.
M. The Victorian Hot Air Balloon Box.
The French have been Hot Air Balloon enthusiasts for a number of years. Even today they offer ballooning as a sightseeing alternative for adventuresome souls. Myself, you couldn't get me into one of those things but I love the way they look when they are drifting overhead so gracefully. The other thing I love is how beautiful the colors are. They really are very exciting to see. Several years ago a magazine ran an article on them and had a series of photographs of a balloonist gathering in New Mexico, as I recall. It was exciting to see, even in the magazine, and stunningly beautiful when all of the balloons were in the air. I bought this box because one of our customers had been to one of these Balloonist conventions, for lack of another word, and wanted to remember it with a balloon box. We looked at several until I found this one and then we both thought it was the prettiest by far. It is kind of Victorian with the latticed and tasseled swags. It also has tiny mask faces of the sun in gold. A very interestingly painted piece and the coloring is just lovely. Inside, nothing-- and the clasp is a small replica of the sun masks. Retail: About $295.00. Our price: $266.90. NEW

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