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Too Beautiful For Words 12

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The Fairest  of Them All
Surely these are what the writer of the fairy tale had in mind when these words were written, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all?" These exquisite figures, and I use the word exquisite because it  encompasses the meanings of dainty, delicate and rare beauty, and all of those words are descriptive of these tiny figurines.  We've had these figures individually before but not until now have we had them all together.  It struck me, as I looked at them, just how beautiful each one was.  The sculpting of the models, the daintiness of the tiny figures, the beauty of the facial features of each, the care with which the costumes were executed and finally the painting, done in such minute detail. Unquestionably these are "The Fairest of Them All!" 

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
A. The Ballerina Box.
Few words are necessary here, just looking at it says it all. Can't you just imagine your own daughter or granddaughter  wanting so much to be a ballerina that her face had this look?  I can remember my own daughter, who wanted to be a ballerina, looking exactly like this! Isn't this a delicious piece?  Our price: $199.90.

B. The Maiden Gathering Flowers Box.
Things to notice: the hair, the hand, the facial features, the movement of the skirt. Our price: $219.90.

C. The Maiden Fetching a Pail of Water Box.  Things to notice: the hand clutching the shawl, the creases in sleeve fabric, the facial features, detail in the painting of the clothing.  Our price: $219.90.

D. The Maiden Carrying a Sheaf of Wheat Box.  Things to notice: her right hand clutching the wheat and her left hand clutching the scythe, the hair, the facial features, the detail of the painting on the dress.  Our price: $219.90.

Sorry, the following item is by Special Order Only.
E. The Demure Maiden Box.
Things to notice: her downcast eyes, how natural her brows and lashes are, her pinafore covering her bodice, they are separate and individual and a close look will make that apparent. Also, notice that she appears younger than the others, the thin neck of a child perhaps?  Our price: $219.90.   

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