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Too Beautiful For Words 11

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Continuing with our theme of having unusual boxes in this segment, this time the distinguishing characteristic is color, i.e. Night Sky a shade of blue that is not often seen in Limoges porcelain.The color palette in porcelain is limited to a degree by the application of intense heat necessary to the firing of the piece as each color is added to it. Certain colors do not tolerate the heat or are more difficult to fire because the hue does not remain true in the intense heat. Whatever the reason Night Sky is not a color that is frequently found in porcelain.

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VV. The Wild Rose Compact Box. A stunningly beautiful very deep blue, Night Sky, with matte gold as the contrast and a cluster of wild roses in the cartouche. The Rococo frame is in bas relief as is the trim on the base of the box. The clasp is the head of a woman in a large brimmed hat, unique, and inside, a mirror! (So we now have a second compact box. I think my own collection must have both of these wonderful boxes.) Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. NEW And stunningly beautiful! * See Notes below.

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WW. Renoir's "Girl With a Watering Pail" Easel Box.
Complete with its own dimensional artist's paint box and a dimensional palette and brush. A remarkable copy of Renoir's famous painting, the original hangs in The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and was given to us by Chester Dale who was a celebrity figure in entertainment during the first part of the twentieth century. Renoir painted this in 1876 and it was exhibited at Durand-Ruel Gallery in Paris at Renoir's first one-man exhibition. At the time this was painted, Renoir was a struggling artist whose work had not yet been accepted by the public. It is thought that he did this portrait of the child to enable him to get some portrait commissions. For whatever reason it was painted it is one of his masterpieces and we are the beneficiaries of his genius. Retail: About $295.00. Our price: $266.90.

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XX. The Umbrella Stand Box.
A Limoges Umbrella Stand, that's the height of luxury! This one is done in very deep blue with a colorful floral scattered over it and the tiny box is in the base of the stand. The top of the stand is open, of course, and contains two dimensional and removable fabric parasols lavishly trimmed in ribbons, lace and feathers, one pink and one pale blue. The box is very small, 3/4" in diameter and 1 5/8" tall. This box is a One and Only. It will not be available again. It is from a number of years ago and was found for me in Rochard's warehouse. I looked for months until I found this piece. Our price: $166.90. NEW for The Perfect Gift

YY. The Tiny Titmouse Box. This little bird sits atop a small round box with a ground of Midnight Sky decorated with a tiny branch of dogwood on which the Titmouse sits. The coloring of the box is delightful and the bird itself is charming. Inside an outline of a dogwood blossom and the clasp is a bee. A delightful combination of colors is what makes this piece so endearing. Our price: $172.90.

Sorry the following item is by Special Order Only.
ZZ. The Bedside Candle Box.
A sweet reminder of the days before electricity and gas light were part of the world. Candles were the thing then and this looks like a candle holder from the Revolutionary War period. The pattern and the Delft Blue and white coloring, even the style of the candle holder is reminiscent of that period. The box is quite tiny measuring 1 1/4" in diameter and it is 2" tall. Inside, a detail of the painting and the clasp a morning glory. Retail: $113.00. Our price: $102.90. NEW A lovely small piece to give a friend who collects, as a gift, and as Limoges boxes go, inexpensive.

A1A. The White Buddha Box. If you are familiar with the Rochard book on Limoges boxes, "From Snuff to Sentiment" then you will recognize that this box adorns the cover of the book. It was inspired by an antique box made by St. Cloud (san cloo) in the early days of porcelain making. The shape of the box is meant to fit easily into the hand because it was used as a snuff box. As well, in those days, the figural boxes were not quite as elaborately sculpted as they are today partially because they had to be easily carried since they were used constantly and partially because the manufacture of the boxes was not as refined as it is today. Fewer things were possible than technology makes possible today. As well, the delicately sculpted pieces that we have today could not easily have withstood all of the handling that the early boxes suffered. They were passed from one hand to another when the owner was offering snuff to his guests and opened and snapped closed constantly. Inside, a detail of the floral and the clasp a stylized flower. Retail: About $145.00. Our price: $130.90.

NOTE 1: You can find the other compact box at Once Is Not Enough 5, Item M.
NOTE 2: A while back a young man called looking for a ring box that had a mirror inside. We had no such thing but I did suggest our other compact box and he told me this story. When he was quite young his father had given his mother a beautiful ring as a gift. He had placed it in a porcelain box which had a mirror inside. The note with it said, "Inside you see what pleases me." And then the young man said, "It always made her smile to think of my Father buying it with the thought that her face was his joy. The box meant more to her than the ring." To my mind that sentiment is so well expressed and so touching that it bears repeating. What a wonderful way to say I love you.

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