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Too Beautiful For Words 1

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If I placed all of the boxes on this page in front of a mirror and said, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Which is the fairest of them all?" The mirror would be hard put to choose. Individually each glows with a soft and gentle kind of beauty. As a group their loveliness touches the soul. Delicately colored, they are a sweet reminder of springs past and give promise of those to come.

A. The Sprite Who Lives in The Enchanted Garden Box. Is this not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? The face is enchanting. The eyes gleam with mischief and the position of the figure suggests consideration of the means of bringing that mischief about. Notice the tiny hands and the way his knees are drawn up to his chest; wonderfully well done. The head covering is a variation of a flower bud before it opens. His wand is close by so that mischief can start any time now. There is nothing inside the box and the clasp is a butterfly. Retail: About $275.00. Our price: $ 248.90.

B. The Butterfly Egg Box. A simple white egg with the loveliest butterflies and flowers decorating it. The butterflies are so delicately painted that they are almost transparent. What struck me was the unusual delicacy of the painting and the perfect choice of colors. These are from a very old atelier but new to us and to the United States.

B1. The Standing Egg. Our alone: $134.90.
B2. The Egg On Its Side. Our alone: $123.90.

C. The Butterfly Boxes. Carrying out the theme of butterflies from the Eggs described above, these delicately beautiful butterflies are as those on the Eggs but figural. The wings are tissue thin, beautifully shaped and detailed and appear almost transparent; a look that I have found to be lacking in other butterfly boxes. Each has come to rest on a petite oval box, 1.25 inches across, surrounded with tall blades of grass and tiny blooms that accent the delicacy of the box. Inside a flower detail and the clasp another butterfly. Available in pink, blue or yellow. Ours alone. $152.90 each.

D. The Goose That Layed the Golden Egg -- and was rewarded for her efforts. The Gander was so pleased, he brought her a wreath of spring flowers. (It is removable.) Inside, the removable gold egg and the clasp a simple bow. Our Price: $174.90.

E. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Here is the Fairest Maiden of Them All. Another of that lovely series that Chamart is doing, truly beautiful human figures. A delicately featured young face done in relief wearing a head covering with tiny curls of her hair escaping from it. Notice her skirt is in motion, she is walking. She is wearing a peasant blouse with a scooped neckline, ruffled sleeves that have been pushed up and a ruffled hem that rests on her long peasant skirt. In her hands a basket of wild flowers just gathered. Inside, wildflowers and the clasp, flowers and leaves. Our price: $219.90.

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