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Too Beautiful For Words

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Every now and then we find a box that is so beautiful that we cannot resist securing it for the collection. Often, they are boxes that are unrelated to any of the categories that we currently have on line, or the particular category already has so many pieces in it that there just isn't space for even one more piece or they were just too late to be included on their page. What ever the problem, we couldn't just walk away from them. That would have been doing both you and ourselves a disservice. These are such outstanding pieces, they cried out to be included in our collection. They are, in fact, "Too Beautiful For Words".

A. The Degas Ballerina Box. This piece is one of the most exquisite boxes I have ever seen. The figure is sculpted so beautifully; the articulation is so perfect; every part of it is so well defined, it is pure artistry. The piece is by Parry Vieille so you know that the quality is the finest. With the box comes a tiny pair of ballet slippers, removable. Retail: Upwards of $229.00. Our price: Reduced $172.90.

B. The Butterfly and Blossom Rabbit. He's deep turquoise and covered with a fabulous stylized blossom and butterfly print. The coloring is vivid and spectacular and he is large enough to stand on his own as a display piece. This is a very sophisticated box not for everyone, certainly he is not a Peter Rabbit kind of fellow. Our price: $191.90. NEW

C. The Sleeping Cat Box. Her head resting on her paws, this beauty is dressed in the antique Tobacco Leaf Pattern. (No self respecting male would wear a pink bow so it has to be a "she".) This is a new version of a larger piece that we have had before. $195.00. NEW*

D. The Water Lily Frog Box. This handsome fellow is dressed in the most gorgeous water lily pattern. A magnificent piece that will stand on it's own anywhere you place it. Nothing that I can say will do him justice. He will be the "Piece de Resistance" of your collection! $265.00. NEW*

E. The Foxy Box. Very unusual in that both cover and base of the box are part of the fox. The head is done in deep relief on the cover of the box and his tail is done in relief on the base of the box. The painting on this piece is extraordinary. When you look at the face he seems to be looking right at you. Unique! and beautiful! $140.00 NEW

F. The Secret Garden Butterfly Box. Butterflies such as this one are never seen excepting in your secret garden. Another larger than usual box, actually the size that antique Limoges boxes were, and able to be a focal point in your room. If you collect Lepidoptera than this box could be the star of your collection. Imaginative. Charming. Exquisite. Retail: Upwards of $177.00. Our price: $150.90. NEW

*Where there is only one price, the Maker has requested that we not discount their boxes.

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