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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

I'll Send You A Card, I Said, As I Waved Goodby.

Postal cards and stamps from Paris, London and New York. Such a fun gift for friend and family. Limoges porcelain boxes, of course. Who wouldn't love to receive one of these, or better yet, start a collection of them. Great idea for a starting collection for a teenager or a youngster who is a stamp collector.

A. The Rialto Bridge Stamp Box. Venice's Grand Canal and it's famous bridge on a 1945 stamp canceled in Venice. A lovely reminder of a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Two gondola's are in the forefront of the stamp and notice that they are black. The law in Venice permits gondolas to be black only. During the Renaissance when Venice was at the height of it's power, the wealthy merchants and nobility decorated their gondolas more and more always striving to have theirs be the most elegant and beautiful on the canal. They were status symbols--even then. (Kind of like our automobiles are today.) The city government put a stop to it by ruling that gondolas had to be all black. (I guess the gondola makers were not as powerful as the automobile makers are today.) Inside the envelope, painted. the clasp, an airplane. Retail: About $171.00. Our price: $154.90.

The following item is by Special Order only
Sending a letter instead of a card? Here's The Stamp (Box) for it. From Paris, A French stamp circa 1949, hand cancelled and handpainted. A view of the River Seine looking past the Ile de Cité and in the distance Le Tour Eiffel. The Ile de Cité, called the "Cradle of Paris" is where both Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are located. Don't miss it when you are there. It is the birthplace of Parisian architecture. The clasp is an airplane. Retail: About $111.00. Our price: $99.90.

C. The Venice, Italy Stamp Box. Postmarked 2/13/1976, the stamp displays 4 symbols of Venice, a gondolier plying the waters of Venice in his gondola, the Gothic arches that are facades of numerous buildings in Venice lining the canals and a headdress commemorating the Carnival of Venice. Inside, a line drawing of the envelope that bears this stamp and the clasp, an airplane suggesting this was an Airmail stamp. Retail: About $125.00. Our price: $112.90.

D. The Carnival of Venice Stamp Box. Every February Venice has a carnival that is world renowned. Originally the carnival was religion based but many years ago when the carnival was revived it was done more to help boost tourism than to promote or celebrate religion. Tourism has become a major industry for Venice in the last century. It could not survive without it. The face of the stamp shows a gondola on the canal and a masked face celebrating the Carnival of Venice. The cancellation date of the stamp is February 13, 1976. Inside an envelope, painted and the clasp, an airplane. Retail: About $171.00. Our price: $154.90.

NOTE: This is a very abbreviated collection of boxes because I have not been able, at this writing, to find more of this type. However, I shall continue to look for them and they will appear here when I find them.

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