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The Best Horse Box Ever!
In 1995 Parry Vieille made the box you see pictured above. It was the finest animal box I had ever seen -- keeping in mind that boxes were relatively unsophisticated then. This was a complex piece showing two animals and a split rail fence. The legs on the horses were very slender and because shipping materials then were not as advanced as they are now, it was difficult to ship this box and there was a great deal of breakage. PV took the box off the market because of this and the box disappeared forever. I was distressed because I had sold a number of them and wanted to continue them. It was not to be. Fast Forward and now it is August 2002. PV was closing down and they found they still had 7 pieces of this box in their warehouse. My Importer, knowing how much I loved this box, bought them all and recently surprised me by sending me a couple. I was thrilled to death when I opened the box and saw them. I just loved this box and I know that any of you who are horse lovers will love this box as well. And with the shipping materials we have today there will be no problem sending it anywhere at all.

The box really speaks for itself. The horses are beautifully molded and painted perfectly. The base of the box is so well painted that it looks as though it is really grass. Inside, an English Saddle and the clasp, a horseshoe. This box will never be repeated again. The mold has been broken and there is no longer a maker called Parry Vieille. Retail: $255.00. Our price: $238.90. Encore performance. Don't wait if you want this box because there is a very limited supply of them.

NOTE: One of the partners in Parry Vieille is manufacturing Limoges boxes on his own and he appears to have a mold of this box because, once again, it is available and just as great as it ever was.

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