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The Best Horse Box Ever (2)!

A.  The Latest Greatest Horse Box.
I never thought I would find a horse box that I thought was equal to our original Greatest Horse Box Ever but this one runs  a dead heat with it.  It is a Sire, his Mare and their Foal standing together, a family portrait, and they are simply wonderful!  The figures are so well done and the composition is so well done; Mom and Dad watching over their offspring. They are standing in a meadow that is many shades of green.  I just love it and I think you will as well.  Inside, an English saddle, painted and the clasp is a horseshoe.  Retail: About $274.00.  Our price: $249.90.

B.  The Third Candidate for the Greatest Horse Box Ever
.  Totally different than the other two boxes but spectacularly well done. This box displays a rider dressed for the show ring with  tack in red to match her habit.  This horse is a show horse, trained in dressage to hold himself with “lightness and ease” * and to be at one with his rider.  It is as though he is moving of his own volition but, of course, he is really responding to invisible signals given him by the rider. The relationship between the horse and rider in this type of training is paramount to the appearance of them both.  The rider must look relaxed and the horse must look exactly as this one looks, forefoot raised high, head held in that very proud way, body aligned in a particular way. Isn’t this a magnificent piece? The box it stands on is very formal, to suit the subject matter.  Inside a stirrup, painted, and the clasp, a replica of a similar horse in a slightly different position but also dressage trained.  Our price: $374.90.

*The phrase “lightness and ease” comes from an article in the Encyclopedia Britannica and they are quoting the rules of the Fédèration Equestre Internationale.

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