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The Makers of Limoges


Being a collector of anything implies knowledge of what you are collecting. Our purpose here is to make available to you information on the makers of our Limoges Boxes; sufficient information to allow you to select boxes for your collection, and to speak with the authority that knowledge gives you.

If you are going to collect then it behooves you to know something about the makers of what you are collecting. Remember that your collection could well end up in a museum one day. All of the great collections had beginnings much as yours. They became great when their owners developed sufficient knowledge to become so discriminating that only the best could be represented in their collections.

We will endeavor to bring you information on all of the makers whose boxes are represented in our pages.. It will take time and patience to obtain the information we want from our manufacturers so that we may pass it on to you. They do not give it freely nor are they all cooperative but, eventually, we hope to have everyone represented.

Visit these pages again - ultimately, we will have all the information you need to be a truly successful collector of Limoges Porcelain Boxes.

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