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"The Most Perfect Teacher's Gift"

A.  What is more identifiable with a teacher than a blackboard? This is literally The Perfect Gift for either your child’s teacher. The writing on the blackboard, “I Love My Teacher”  and then it goes on to give the The three R’s: Reading wRiting and aRithmetic  There is a dimensional eraser resting on the blackboard ledge and below, with a hook for hanging, the teacher’s attaché case which opens and has, inside, a dimensional arithmetic book which is removable.  A wonderful way to say “Thank you to someone who has spent untold hours teaching your child.  Also, a delightful gift for a young person just at the start of a teaching career.  Retail: About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

B.  An Apple for The Teacher Boxes.
B 1.  The Apple Teapot Box.  
Shaped like one half of an apple, you can see the core of the apple and the teapot handle and spout are painted to look woodlike.  The handle has an apple blossom and leaves in relief and atop the apple is the stem, also in relief.  Inside an apple tree leaf and the clasp an apple blossom.  A delightful way to express thanks to your child's teacher.  Retail: About $279.00.  Our price: $251.90.

B 2.  The Apple and Almond Box.
DEEElicious!  Oops, no it is not!  It is a Granny Smith Apple. Delicious apples are not green.  This one has a segment removed, ostensibly eaten already, an almond on the plate next to it and the plate itself has a green apple, an eaten apple core and bits of the almond shell all painted on the plate.  Lots of detail to this box.  The plate itself is scalloped and on either side a scallop is cut for use as a handle. Inside more almond shells and the clasp is a spoon. Delightful!  Delicious!  Delovely! (That's the title of an old, old song from the 1930's as I recall.)  Retail: About $274.00.  Our price: $246.90.

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