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The Studio Collection Portrait Series 1
The Studio Collection Portrait Series 2


Rochard Studio Collection 1
A number of years ago, Rochard did a collection of boxes using a combination of transfers and hand painting. I rarely will even give the time of day to a piece done with transfers but these boxes were so spectacularly beautiful, done with infinite care and with a specific reason for using the transfers.  Rochard’s designer/artist had come up with a series of portrait paintings done in the 1800’s and they were simply beautiful.  He took these paintings and using transfers applied them to the interior lid of the boxes and then further enhanced them by hand painting over them in oils to accentuate their beauty.  The exterior of the boxes were truly some of the most beautiful  that I had ever seen.  They were done in unusual colorings and the quality of the painting far surpassed that of the usual Limoges boxes. They were, in fact, a tour de force in the world of Limoges boxes.  Nothing like them had been done before and they were very successful.  A number of our collectors purchased the entire group displaying them together and the comments I had back from these collectors were glowing!  The editions sold out and no more were to be had.

Imagine my pleasure in seeing a new group of these recently when Rochard sent me their new catalog.  Just as beautiful and yet different than the first series.  I couldn’t resist them so here they are for your collecting enjoyment.

A.  The White Rose and The Pensive Cherub Box.
 An octagonal box that measures 3 inches square, if it were square, painted with a series of roses from white to deep rose along with their greens against a pale blue ground.  Over the whole is sprinkled angel dust, all in relief.  Inside, against a gold ground is another white rose bordered by a chain of pink roses while on the inside lid is a pensive cherub against a pale blue sky filled with the fluffiest of white clouds. (The cherub is the transfer while all of the rest is hand painted.) The clasp is an elaborate floral spray. Retail: About $311.00.  Our price: $281.90. Exquisite is the applicable word here.

B.  The Roses, Roses, Roses Box. Covered with large roses from white to cream to pink to deep rose, this elegant oval is accented by relief outlining all of the roses that give it texture as well.  The coloring is soft and inviting.  Raise the lid and there, taken from a painting of the 1800’s,  are a small boy and girl dressed in clothing of the period, she in a pinafore and he in a sailor suit. (The painting of the children is the transfer and it has been enhanced with relief painting by the box artist.)  In the bottom of the box, against the white porcelain, a spray of bluebells and a visiting blue butterfly, all painted.  The clasp is an elaborate spray of roses.  Retail:  About $301.00.  Our price: $270.90.

C. The Golden Oval with Pink Roses Box.
Using gold as the overall color of the box, then  enhancing it with exquisitely painted pink roses, touches of a rich brown accenting the pink and gold, this box is simply elegant.  An angel carrying a spray of roses is the clasp and the box opens to display a small girl playing with a clutch of rabbits on the inner lid. (That is the transfer.) The base has a blue butterfly hand painted against the pure white porcelain with gold roses ringing the inner wall of the box. Retail:  About $301.00.  Our price: $270.90.

D. The Gold Octagonal Box with Pink Roses. The base of the box is covered with roses and their greens while the surround on the lid of the box is matte gold with a very decorative cartouche done in relief.  Centered in the cartouche are pink roses and deep rose day lilies.  Open the box and on the inside lid is Madonna and Babe, this is the transfer painting, embellished by hand painted highlights.  The base of the box is white porcelain with a gold rose and gold detailing.  A very handsome piece
with just a hint of religiosity to it.  The clasp is a spray of roses.
Retail: About $316.00.  Our price: $289.90.

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