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Sharing The World of Limoges Boxes
With Elayne

I get so much mail from customers who, in the course of buying boxes, have become friends as well as customers, and some of what they write is so kind and and so thoughtful that I thought we might share some of it with you. As well, sometimes it has nothing at all to do with Limoges Boxes excepting that I would never know the people sending these pieces to me if it weren't for the catalog and our boxes. I am hoping that you will enjoy these, as I do, and recognize that I am a real person and these are real people writing to me.

There are many more that have come, this is just a sampling of what arrives almost on a daily basis. And if I have left anyone out, please don't be offended. I just don't have the time to go back and read through all of them, there are literally dozens and dozens more. But, I do want you to know that I love you all for taking the time to let me know how pleased you are with my efforts.

"The package arrived today and in perfect condition. The Limoge box of the ShihTzu dog is everything you said it would be - my friend will love it!!!!
So happy I found your site.
D.P - Dunedin, Florida".

"I just opened my package and if you could have seen the look on my face, well it was priceless. This egg is TOP QUALITY!!!! I absolutely love it, it is now my FAVORITE and trust me, I have hundreds. I would like to do more business with you in the future, I will keep looking on your website and please e-mail if you find anything I might like. Thanks so much!! I am one satisfied customer!!" -- SH
Received the box yesterday and it's absolutely gorgeous! It was a pleasure ordering from your company, and I can't wait until we do business together again! Thanks!
RW - San Francisco, CA
Well, Elayne, you have done it again. I made a copy of your email so my husband can read it. I tell him that your description of describing a box is just phenomenal. You must know that your service is outstanding and you are wonderful to work with. I am excited to see how your Webmaster can improve your catalog. I just don't see how it could get any better.
MS - Dallas, Texas
Just a quick note to let you know that i received my monet bridge box today - i love it! what a beautiful reminder of my visits to giverny. the painted detail is terrific, and the painting inside the box is just as lovely. it looks great next to my monet at work on the japanese bridge box.
in your recent e-mail you spoke about how your business has grown and prospered. i for one am not surprised. you continue to add the most unique and beautiful boxes to your inventory. it seems that every time i log on i find new boxes that i just love. on behalf of all your customers - thanks.
H.O. Conyngham, PA
I also wanted to say that you certainly have some beautiful new boxes! It always seems like I find something I want each time I look at the catalog. It is just difficult to decide which ones I want most.
BJ Henderson, Tennessee
"Just wanted to let you know my box arrived safely this morning and it's just lovely! This was certainly worth the wait of all those months! I unwrapped it very carefully to make sure it was alright and then wrapped it right up again for it's move in about a month.

It's been wonderful to do business with you again and please keep in touch!"
B.L. Connecticut

Oh, my! My breath was literally taken away. Then I got such butterflies in my stomach; it was if I had never seen a Limoges before. WOW. They are exquisite. My favorite, of course, is my husband's lions and globe. You were right, the craftsmanship on DuBarry and Chamart are in a whole different league. I'm going into the shop I work for part time and show them off to my friend.
I hope the recipients of these will be taken aback as much as I was. Thank you for such beautiful pieces of artwork. The packaging you sent them in was unbelievable, too; you are very careful. I appreciate that, too.
I hope to talk to you again soon and it has truly been my pleasure to meet you.
J.T. Kansas
Thanks you for your efforts in sending the limoge box to me. I really appreciate all your insight regarding the authenticity and quality. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you. You are truly an inspiration and I applaud you for your enthusiasm and courage. This box will help change my life forever and I can't believe how perfect it is for the occasion. I am sure I will need other boxes in the future and I will not hesitate to contact you for help. Please take care and may God bless you.
WG - Montgomery, Alabama
"I love the candle light box. Thanks so much. Wishing you "boxes of blessings" ~ EL
P.S. You do a wonderful job with "The Perfect Gift's" website. It is great & I literally spend hours looking at it. Thanks for all your hard work!"
The Colosseum and Parthenon are quite lovely and are a marvelous addition to the travel-related portion of my Limoges collection. I was quite tickled to see that the image on the inside of the Colosseum box is a cat - very apropos, as the population of felines at the Colosseum is truly extraordinary. It is quite the hangout for Roman stray cats! ;-) Thanks much for a delightful Limoges experience. I expect we will quite likely meet again, as you do offer many exceptional pieces, and at unbeatable prices. In fact, I saw the Parthenon last weekend at a jewelry shop near Baltimore, at nearly double the price!
S.B. - Severn, Maryland
It's funny you mention the Papillon box. It is one of the many price differences I have noticed. I just saw it offered in a catalog for $199.00 along with the Bichon Frise and Pug also for $199.00 each. So, as you can see once again the prices are higher than your catalog. I am sure it gets frustrating on your end also. I do know that you have been a great resource and source for Limoges. My experience with you has only been positive. You are the first place I look for boxes and my interest in adding to my collection was spawned by your website!
PS - Cortland, NY
congratulations for being the only website endorsed by the author, and for having some of your collection incuded in this wonderful book. I also wanted to tell you that your selection is without equal.......H.O. PA
How did you know that I "need a smile?".......I must say that your web site is really spectacular and I browse there all the time. Your incredibly hard work has certainly paid off and I really think your site is one of the top sites throughout the Internet. I am definitely impressed by your accompanying text.......DS. MD
Thank you so much for making a better Limoges collector out of me. I have been collecting Limoges boxes now for the past year and a half. Your insight and information on your website has opened a whole new path of collecting for me. And yes you have added some of the most stunning new Limoges boxes to my collection. Keep up the great personal service you give the collectors. You are my number one source for Limoges boxes!......JM. CA
Just wanted you to know that the box arrived safely today in plenty of time. It is beautiful and will be a treasure for the people we are giving it to. Thank you......SW. TX
My experience with you has been fantastic and customized to meet my specialized needs. the two boxes i have purchased have both matched a specific event in the recipient's life. first i bought a golden retriever puppy. second my mother sold her house of 30 years and bought a new home she labeled new nest. as a housewarming present you were able to locate a beautiful limoges box of a nest (i called on a tuesday and you had the box in my hand on friday to give to her). i was recently at her home and she has it displayed with her most treasured possessions. i look forward to other special events, needs that you will be able to match. .....TS. GA
I received my Books box today and absolutely love it. Such high quality! Thanks for the great service and our enjoyable chat. KM. PA
You are so sweet to take the time to deal with us... My daughters and I have done an exhaustive search of your pages and we would like to see if these boxes could be delivered to us ....it seems we've found a way to feed my wife's new hobby and have made a new friend at the same time. We've joined your Insiders Club and we look forward to hearing from you! WP. TX
Thank you so much for everything you have done, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty and I want you to know I appreciate it very, very much. I know I will be shopping with you again, you are a most gracious and thoughtful person. BD. CA
Just a note to thank you for everything. The Cinderella Coach arrived today and it is gorgeous.I was a little nervous about purchasing over E-Mail but you were just great. JW. PA
I appreciate the great service and look forward to my wife opening her gift. I wish you continued success. RN. MI
Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough handling of my little ring box! It has been a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you. You give E-Commerce a whole new appeal! I know ---- will love the box and I am sure that it will be the perfect surprise to go along with the ring.......... And later:We are getting married on October 14th....... She LOVED the box and I'm considered a prince for thinking of it. DM. TX
My mother really enjoyed the watering can with the frog inside. She got it just in time for Christmas. Thanks for your help in solving another gift-giving dilemma! DL. CO
---and thank you to you from very happy customers!!!!!!!Everyone loved the boxes and were surprised...Thanks for helping me build something special for my boys. ML. CA
It was worth the wait. I received the rougepot, and it was everything you said it was, and more. I LOVE IT!!! HB. IL
Received my latest additions to my family today! They are so precious and certainly added an extra special touch to our box collection. Thanks ever so for your speediness in getting me my newest family members!!! TL. GA
I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adored the "I'll Be in France" box and I loved the "Notre Dame" box. Could you please tell me the maker of the "I'll Be in France" box? I think out of all the boxes I own it is now my favorite one. ED. VA
The beautiful book arrived in good condition. Thank you so much. It is the best I have seen, and my daughter will be thrilled. Now the problem-- I can't wait to give it to her, and it was meant for Christmas. Again, my thanks for the whole internet experience. Well done! HJ. S.C.
It was so good connecting with you today. Of all the Limoges sites, I have enjoyed yours the most. It is well designed, informative, and has a wonderful selection that is well priced. BA. VA
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You are one of a kind. SK, Acton, MA

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