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“Summertime!  When the Living is Easy!”
 (lyrics from the George Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess.)

Seasonal Living
Spring is upon us and in Southern California, that means within a few days summer will be here.  Our spring doesn’t last more than a few days -- or, at least, that’s how it has always been until now.  This year?  Who knows?  The weather has been so wildly unpredictable.  But, the catalog companies are all mailing their outdoor furniture and accessory catalogs so maybe they have a direct line to the weather gods. Some truly handsome pieces are being shown that can turn your back yard into an outdoor living room that you will absolutely love and live in.

A. The Wicker Chaise Lounge Box.  Obviously the owner of this chaise is about to kick back and relax for a bit.  Dinner is ready and she is waiting for her husband to come through the door.  Her coffee and today’s New York Times are waiting for her.  The blue cushions are heavily padded and quilted and the throw cushion adds just the right touch. Inside, painted, her reading glasses and the clasp is a butterfly.  Retail: About $245.00.  Our price: $219.90.

B. The Wicker Rocking Chair Box. Retail:  About $245.00.  Our price: $219.90.  (There are two versions of this box and both do rock.)

B1. In matching color to the chaise: with a cookbook and glass of wine. A great way to take time out while you are planning a dinner party you are giving in a couple of weeks. Inside, your reading glasses, painted.
B2.  In white with a pink quilted cushion and a copy of Vogue waiting for you so you can forget the cares of the day and think about some thing that is really important -- what you are going to wear at your dinner party in two weeks. Inside, painted, a tall cold drink with a lime slice and a straw.  The clasp is a butterfly.

B3. The Oops! Dinner is Being Served Box. Chauncey jumped up on this comfortable rocking chair to relax for a bit but — here’s  dinner now!  Chauncey was about to establish herself on my yellow rocker when this very foolish bird appeared on the arm of it.  You can decide the result of it for yourself! The rocker is wicker with yellow cushions, the cat is a Tuxedo Cat --black and white --and the bird is some kind of a nut!   This is one of the cutest cat boxes we have had in some time. Retail: About $235.00.  Our price: $212.90.

And on a table nearby is the Margarita Tray you’ve prepared for a before dinner drink with your husband.

C. The Margarita Tray Box.  At the ready for the master of the house with two salt rimmed cocktail glasses, the bottle of Tequila, the cut lime, a small potted cactus plant to provide the proper atmosphere and the cocktail recipe book all sitting on a metal handled round tray.  Inside, a Saguaro Cactus, painted and the clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $245.00.  Our price: $219.90.


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