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Saint Paddy’s Day 2006
Saint Paddy’s Day is coming, and We’re All in Clover
Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland came to Ireland first as a slave in the 5th century.  He had been kidnapped in England and sold as a slave.  He escaped and found his way back to England then, a number of years later, he returned to  Ireland determined to bring them to Christianity.  He founded monasteries, churches and schools and ultimately the Irish Church chose him as their Patron Saint.  Since that time the day of his death has been celebrated with religious services in Ireland.

In the United States the day is also widely celebrated but the holiday has become more secular than religious.  In Chicago, THEY DYE THEIR RIVER GREEN.  In many cities the BEER IS COLORED GREEN!  There are extensive parades in a number of major cities, the most famous being New York’s Saint Paddy’s Day Parade.  Boston, with a large immigrant Irish population, was the first city to feature a large parade on this day.  Corned beef and cabbage has come to be considered an Irish dish and is served in a great many restaurants each Saint Patrick’s Day as a tribute to the Irish!  We Americans surely find some strange ways to pay tribute to a Saint.

A.  The Four Leaf Clover Box.
 Shaped as a four leaf clover and all in green, unmistakably a Saint Paddy’s Day box.  On one leaf, a clover flower, painted, and clover flowers strewn around the base of the box and inside as well.  You are really in clover with this box!  Good fortune will surely be yours.  Our price: $149.90.  

B.  I Wish You the Best of Luck With All My Heart Box.
A heart shaped box with a four leaf clover for the centerpiece on a gold ground.  Inside, “Good Luck” painted, and the clasp yet another four leaf clover.  This box can’t miss.  It has to bring the recipient good things.  Our price: $149.90.

C.  I Carry My Good Luck With Me Box.  
This is such a tiny thing that it can easily be carried in a pocket or purse and you can  have your good luck charm with you always.  1.25 inches in diameter, this is one of our smallest boxes but it is loaded with Good Luck!  A Four Leaf Clover in relief on the lid and another for the clasp and “Good Luck!”  inside, painted.  I’d say this is much better than a rabbits foot and no animal was harmed to bring it to you. I always thought that a rabbit’s foot couldn’t bring you good luck when the poor rabbit lost his life bringing it to you.  How could that have been considered good luck?  Certainly not for the rabbit.  Our price: $155.90.

The following Eggs are shown through the courtesy of our sister catalog, Fabergé The Perfect Gift.
Both Eggs are Fabergé Eggs made only for the Fabergé Collection.

D.  Le Petit Clover Egg.  
A wearing of the green Egg in Limoges porcelain made only for the Fabergé Collection.  The Egg is covered with clover leaves and opening it, the surprise, all Fabergé Eggs have surprises, is a four leaf clover completely pavéd in crystals. The plinth and the clover leaf are sterling silver plated in 24 karat gold.  The clasp is the Romanov Double Headed Eagle, the heraldic insignia used by the Tsars and their families.  An affordable Fabergé Egg at $314.90.

E.  The Imperial Clover Egg.  
Made by the House of Fabergé for Tsar Nicholas II as the Easter Gift for his Tsarina, Alexandra Fedorovna in 1902, this Egg is an exact reproduction of the original made from the original schematics. It is one of the most unusual of the Eggs. It is constructed in the plique-a-jour style with a melange of three and four leaf clovers both in green enamel with veining of gold in relief and crystal studded clover leaves all with a red enamel ribbon running through the leaves (Plique-a-jour literally means open to daylight and this Egg is exactly that. You can look through the leaves and see the interior of the Egg).

The Egg is not attached but rests on a clover footed stand which consists of clovers bound to each other by their twined stems. Original to the Egg was a four leaf clover with portraits of the four Grand Duchesses, daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra, that stood in the interior of the Egg. This went missing during the Revolution and is not mentioned in any of the descriptive documents after the fall of the Romanovs. Replacing it in our Egg is a stem of clover standing upright, two clovers in green enamel and the third clover - a four leaf clover - done in diamonds. This clover is removable and is made as a jeweled pin. One other unusual feature of this Egg is a framework attached to the lower half of the Egg and visible only when the Egg is open, that has the date 1902, the letters A O which appear more than once as do a series of crowns and clovers.

Retail: $1500.00. Our price: $1349.90.

Plique-a-jour is a technique used by jewelers, stained glass artists and cloisonné artists forming an open framework of wires or fine metal strips that are fastened to each other, rather than to a supporting surface, that is then filled with either enamel or stained glass.

NOTE 2:  This Egg was never sold by the Russian government and has remained in Russia these many years and now is at the Kremlin Museum.

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