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Rabbit Warren 1 | Rabbit Warren 2

The Rabbit Warren 2
Beguiling Bunnies

Rabbits lend themselves to various interpretations. They can be comedic, they can be charming, sometimes charmingly comical; they can be cute, they can be comely and sometimes downright beautiful. This group falls into that last category. Each one is beguiling and beautiful. You will notice that five of them are actually the same mold but "dressed" differently. That's because they are part of a series that Chamart has done over the years always using this same rabbit and dressing him differently for various reasons and seasons. All are available even if they are not pictured here. They make a stunning display. (One of our collectors has them all and two more are collecting them now.)

G. The Rabbit Bearing Blossoms Box.  He’s covered with purple pansies and  carries a pot of purple pansies just for you!  Such a thoughtful little fellow. This is part of the celebrated Chamart series of rabbits, number 9 in the series.  Inside a clump of pansies, painted and the clasp is a pansy, too.  Our price: $184.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
H. The Wallpaper Rabbit Box.
He sat so still they covered him over with wall paper when they redid the room. Inside a floral detail, the clasp a flower. Our price: $192.90. Repeat Performance.

I. The Winter Rabbit Box. He's sitting in a patch of holly bushes. Inside, a sprig of holly and the clasp is one as well. Our price: $167.90. NEW

The following item is by Special Order only.
J. The Christmas Rabbit Box.
He's covered with holly and brilliant red holly berries are scattered over him. Someone has tied a huge red bow around his neck. Inside a leaf detail. Our price: $167.90. NEW

The following item is by Special Order only.
K. The Springtime Rabbit. He's sitting in a bed of spring bulbs, anenomes, tulips, daffodils and is covered with them. Inside a detail from the design and the clasp a flower. Our price: $184.90. Repeat Performance.

The following item is by Special Order only.
L. The Fall Color Rabbit Box.
Covered with leaves in the brilliant colors of fall that you find in the colder climates this little fellow is just the handsomest thing. Inside, a couple of "Falling Leaves" and the clasp a flower. Our price: $177.90. Repeat Performance

The following item is by Special Order only.
M. The Kitchen Garden Rabbit Box.
He's strewn with veggies from head to toe, carrots, turnips mainly. Those are both root veggies and it may be that he prefers to eat those. Inside is another carrot, just in case. The clasp is a flower. Our price: $173.90. Repeat Performance

N. The Tobacco Leaf Pattern Rabbit Box. This little fellow has been out for several years, we have had him before, but he is so delightful we decided that it is time for him again. The Tobacco Leaf Pattern is a famous old china pattern, the table ware in this pattern has been made for many, many years and is gorgeous. It sets an exquisite and very dramatic table. This little chap is quite dramatic as well. The pattern covers him completely. Actually he is a vehicle for the display of the pattern. Chamart does a number of other pieces in this pattern all of which are in the catalog segment Once is Not Enough 4. Inside the box a detail from the pattern and the clasp is a flower from the pattern. Our price: $272.90. Repeat Performance.

O.  The New Christmas Rabbit Box.  Dressed in holly and clusters of holly berries, wearing a huge Christmas bow and presenting a basket of Christmas Flowers, this is the famous Chamart Rabbit, number 8 in the series. The clasp is a snowflake. Our price: $189.90.

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