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The Rabbit Warren
It started out because I thought we should have some rabbits in the collection and before I knew it they had multiplied. Now I know that you will think that I've gone south when I say this but we surely do have a large amount of rabbits all of a sudden and a few of them look as though they are in the same family so--one never knows. Anyway, they are such charming little guys and so darling, you might just want to collect them all. It could turn out to be quite an investment. Just think, if they multiply at your house the way they did at mine you could have your own family of rabbits in no time at all.

A. Madam Lili Lapin Box. The very essence of an old fashioned homemaker in her red and white striped blouse with a white lace collar and matching red skirt, broom in hand and ready to make a clean sweep of things. Inside, tiny tea towels, a bow for the clasp. Retail: About $165.00. Our price: $148.90.

B. Monsieur Louis Lapin Box. What a Dapper Dan he is! Can't you just see him going off to the club for lunch while his wife stays at home doing all her house-wifely things. A male chauvinist is what he is. Keep'em barefoot and pregnant is his theory. (So that's how we got all of these rabbits!) He's dressed in a very elegant cardigan style jacket with a tiny boutonniere and black patent pumps. What a fashion plate! He's just picked himself a lettuce leaf to munch on while walking to the club and inside the box he's got a dimensional carrot just in case he doesn't like the lunch menu. You can see how important food is to him by looking at his ballooning figure. The clasp on the box, a lettuce leaf. Retail: About $233.00. Our price: $198.90.


C. Adeline, Sweet Adeline, The Youngest Lapin Daughter Box.  Isn’t she a cutie?  She’s hiding something behind her back, a basket of goodies and they are for her Mama. My heavens, they must have Mother’s Day in the Rabbit Warren  or maybe she is just a very thoughtful daughter.  Isn’t her outfit sweet? So ladylike.  Exactly what the well dressed rabbit would wear!  The lid of the box is not just a simple round.  It is sculpted and shaped like a clump of grass and there are some flowers blooming on it.  Inside the box,  one of the goodies that she has brought her Mom and the claps is a basket of flowers.  Maybe it’s her Mom’s birthday! Our price: $234.90.

My webmaster is a rabbit connoisseur. He has a rabbit for a pet and his little fellow follows him around like a puppy dog. He tells me Adeline has a beautiful face. To me it is a rabbit face; to him it is a thing of beauty.

D. The Oldest Lapin Boy Box. Looks to me like a chip off the old block! He was out last night whooping it up and he's crashed on the hammock for the day. A fellow has to have his rest, you know. If I was his mother I'd turn him right out of that hammock and hand him the broom. Lucky for him, I'm not. Notice that beneath the hammock is a strawberry patch, that's just in case he get's hungry. Inside the box, a carrot, painted, and the clasp a French bow. Retail: About $227.00. Our price: $204.90.

The following item is by Special Order only
E. The Middle Lapin Boy Box.
Isn't he something with his backpack and sun glasses, riding his scooter. ( I'd call him a cool cat but that would be mixing my metaphors.) None of that old fashioned stuff for him. He's too hip for that. He's wearing a long sleeved apple green shirt with a red tie and yellow jeans with grey running shoes. His sun glasses are wrap around RayBans and he is one--cool--dude. Like father like son! The base of the box is painted to look like cobblestones. Inside the box a carrot, painted. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail: About $255.00. Our price: $229.90. NEW

The following item is by Special Order only
F1. The Lapin Daughter Box.
You can see she takes after her mother. She was sent out to bring in some veggies for tonight's dinner and she is having a difficult time deciding which to pick. That turnip looks good but so do the carrots. Decisions, decisions. (The veggies are all in relief.) Why not take them all? Can you see how reserved she is in comparison to her brothers. She takes after her mother, just an old fashioned girl (rabbit). Retail: About $173.00. Our price: $156.90.

F2. The Oldest Lapin Girl’s Wedding Day Box.  Still like her mother she is sweet, gentle and loving. It is a bit damp on the big day but she wanted a garden wedding and just in case, her mom had an umbrella made to match her wedding gown.  Notice the groom is dressed in formal morning clothes.  Isn’t this the sweetest thing? Inside, their wedding rings, painted, and the clasp is twined hearts. Perfect for your rabbit collection and perfection as a wedding gift!  Our price: $206.90.

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