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A Potpourri of Great Oldies
When I first started this catalog as a mail order catalog in the mid 90's, there were some delightful boxes that were made by companies no longer in existence. Recently I  ran across a group of them and decided that our customers deserved a chance to see some wonderfully well designed and made boxes that really were the very best  of what they were. I have noticed that there is a new generation of collectors coming to call and these may just be interesting for them as well as for those of you who, perhaps, don't recall them.

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A. The Rougepot Boxes.  All virtually the same cut French crystal box but with different porcelain lid decor. Our price: $138.90 each.

1. The Rougepot Box with a cut crystal base and a turquoise edged lid displaying multiple flowers and a fanciful butterfly in the same turquoise.  A butterfly for the clasp.  Retail:  About $153.00.  Our price: $138.90.

2. The Rougepot Box with a cut crystal base and a soft blue edged lid with roses on a white ground.  A flower for the clasp.  Retail: $153.00.  Our price: $138.90.

3. The Lid Topped with a Gold Pendant. A sloping rose covered lid with red dividers topped by a gold pendant. Retail: $153.00.  Our price: $138.90.



B. The Perfume Tantalus Box.  In our catalog for many years, always the most successful perfume box we had, made by Parry Vieille, now no longer in business, but one of my vendors found this in their stock and called me immediately.  Naturally I took it.  It still is the most beautiful perfume box we have ever had.  Pentagonal in shape and ringed by wreaths of roses, it opens to reveal a gold case that is fitted with three ruby red perfume bottles with gold and jeweled caps.  The caps remove and inside them is a tiny plastic stopper so the bottles can actually be used for perfume.  Another wreath for the clasp.  Retail:  About $245.00.  Our price: $217.90.










C. and D.  Two Early Parry Vieille Plate Boxes on Easels.  These were part of a season series.  The two shown here are Spring and Summer and are so wonderfully designed that you can almost smell the Pink Cherry Trees in full bloom on Spring and feel the full heat of Summer as expressed by Hollyhocks and Buzzing Bumble Bees. Each has its own small easel allowing it to be presented upright for full effect.  Inside, the season and a flower, painted, and matching clasps are also flowers.  Our price: Each $156.90.

C. Spring

D. Summer (This item is no longer available).


E. The Mallard at The Edge of The Marsh, an Earlier Parry Vieille Box.  No one did nature boxes better than PV did them and this is a perfect example of that.  The bird, wings outspread and cupped to slow his descent, is just landing on the marshy edge of a pond.  Notice the cat tails growing midst clumps of marsh grass.  See the ripples in the pond created by the air movement caused by the bird's descent.  The detail that PV put into a piece was, of course, what made them all so marvelous. Always, the greatness of a piece is the detail! Inside, cat tails in the marsh and the clasp, a friend,   Our price: $157.90.



F. The Tulip Box from an Earlier Collection of  Original Rochard Imports.  This lovely thing in delightful spring colors was done using a combination of transfers then enhanced by painting over the flowers using thicker enamels to create flowers in bas relief.  It was part of their Studio Collection which they are no longer having made. Our price:$202.90.
(This item is no longer available.)


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