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The Physician
In the early days of medicine, prior to and during the Renaissance, before medicine was recognized as a science, it was practiced, in England and elsewhere, by wandering tinkers who lived in wagons such as the one pictured, generally traveling in twos, and the tinkers did everything from small repairs on every manner of object to human surgery as it was then, as well as entertaining the customers with music, dancing, juggling acts and other small feats. They set broken limbs, they ministered to the sick, they prescribed herbal remedies. They were the forerunners of todays surgeons. As a matter of fact, it is because of them that surgeons in England are titled Mister today rather than doctor. They were, in a sense, like gypsies. They lived a wanderer's life going from town to town each year and the people came from around those towns for whatever medical help they required. There were no doctors then. There were no medical schools then, with the exception of one in Persia.

A. The Tinker's Wagon Box. You might know it as a Gypsy Wagon but in fact, it was called home by tinkers throughout England during the Renaissance. This is an excellent reproduction of the wagons used by these travelers complete with curtained window, roof patches and wheels that turn. The tinker sits playing his instrument as he journeys through the countryside. Inside, dimensional and removable, a tambourine which was passed around the audience that gathered at each stop and in which was placed a shilling or two by those who had been helped by the tinker. The clasp is a horseshoe. The tinker sits on the front step of the wagon while his horse carries him on his journey. Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW and wonderful!

B. A "First Edition"(in porcelain) of "Gray's Anatomy" Box. The text book that used to be every medical student's bible. Certainly, in it's day, it was the leading text in most medical schools. A stack of three "leather bound" medical texts topped by Gray's Anatomy, laying open with a stethoscope (painted) on it. The Perfect Gift for soon to be doctors, medical students and any M. D. Our price: $189.90.

C. The Apothecary Weights Chest Box. Long before digital measurements were even thought of, pharmacists used this method of weighing medications in the preparation of prescriptions. Each individual weight was an exact amount which balanced an equal amount on the other side of the pharmacists scale. A complete set of six weights, each a different size, all removable, in a "wooden" chest with a dimensional prescription pad and pencil resting on the lid and a "brass" plaque with a pharmacist's scale on the front of the box. A quill pen is the closing. Retail: About $227.00. Our price: $192.90.

D. The Doctor's Bag Box. This looks a bit like a Boston Bag and that's how doctor's bags used to look in the days when they still made house calls. They were always black, never brown or any other color, and they always had soft sides that could expand because they carried so many instruments with them. Speaking of instruments: This bag comes with a "dreaded shot needle" inside of it, dimensional and removable but not usable, sigh of relief. Our price: $162.90.

NOTE: If you are wondering where I learned all of this, I read a remarkable book, The Physician written by Noah Gordon. The book was published in 1986 and, somehow, it got by me but a couple of years ago I found it in the Public Library, read it and thought it was one of the finest historical novels I had ever read. I then proceeded to read some of Noah Gordon's other books and they, too, were wonderful all with very factual historical backgrounds. I have since learned that although Gordon's books were never enormously popular here, in Europe they were best sellers. They have them at Amazon, if you are interested, and I recommend them heartily. Well written, totally absorbing and a lot can be learned from them. The Physician explores the life of this homeless waif who becomes the assistant to a tinker and goes on to become one of the first doctors ever. It traces his life through the years of his travels through Renaissance England, his decision to become a doctor, his lengthy journey to Persia, his schooling there and who he became. An absolutely fascinating book. At Amazon readers give it 5 stars. I concur.

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