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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Performing Arts 6

The Strike Up the Band Boxes and Bandstand.
What’s more fun than watching a parade and hearing the band with their horns and drums as they approach?  And as they march by you can’t help but feel the excitement of the moment. Your emotions rise!  Band music does that to you.  That’s what it is meant to do. America’s famous Bandmaster/Composer, John Phillip Sousa, had a whole career based on that and his music still arouses all of our patriotic emotions.  When I was a very small child our family used to go to his concerts every Friday night in the summer months.  He played at New York University’s upper campus and his concerts were always sellouts!  Over all of those more than 77 years, I can hear the music and remember them still.

Several years ago Chamart designed and made this group of band boxes for a major catalog. They were featured in that catalog and exclusive to it.  Now we have them -- at a much lesser price --  and as wonderful as they were at the higher price they are even more wonderful at our price.  You get to save over $500.00 and that’s worth tooting your horn about.  The Band Stand alone was originally about $500.00.  Besides the Band Stand, there is a Cellist, a Violinist, a Flutist, a Trumpet player, a Drummer and the Leader of the Band!  They are all teddy bears in this band but whose to say that teddies aren’t great instrumentalists?  “Not I”,  said the Mama Bear.

Each member of the band is highly detailed as is his instrument.  Inside the boxes a G clef and their clasps are all violins.

The Band and Bandstand can only be purchased as a whole.  
Our regular price: $1149.90. REDUCED to $749.90.

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