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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

The Center for The Performing Arts 4

When I saw this box I knew instantly who it was. There has only ever been one person who had this elegant slouch. He was my favorite performer from the time I first saw him at the Paramount Theater in New York when I cut classes for the day and spent it listening to him sing. I was 15 years old, in high school, the only time in my life I ever did that, but I wouldn't have missed seeing him for anything. From that day to this, for me, there has never been another singer who compared and I know that the same is true for many of my generation. Over all of the years that followed I saw him whenever it was humanly possible. I've never really counted the times I saw him but I am certain it was in the hundreds. I can recall seeing him repeatedly at the Paramount Theater, at The Rustic Cabin and The Meadowbrook in New Jersey, at The Pennsylvania Hotel in New York when he sang with Harry James and again with Tommy Dorsey at The Hotel Astor. I saw him in Lake Tahoe repeatedly, in Las Vegas dozens of times over the years and once we stayed for the entire time he was there and saw him every single night. I saw him in concert here in Los Angeles and saw most of his movies and TV shows. I had an enormous collection of his records and then tapes and finally CD's. His is the only music I ever have on the car's tape deck. I never tire of him even though the arrangements and lyrics are indelibly inscribed in my memory. The truth is, I bought this box for myself but then realized that there might well be others who felt about him as I do. Frank Sinatra, the greatest saloon singer ever! There will be no discount price on this box. He wouldn't have liked it. Our price: $175.00.

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