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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

The Center for The Performing Arts 2

Recently I was reading an article on the Internet, a place I frequent, and ran across some interesting facts which I present here for your perusal. I believe that an arts education is the single most valuable thing a parent can provide for a child because it opens the entire world for the child. When I was in my teens I recall taking my very small niece to see and hear a presentation of Peter The Wolf. She loved it and it started her on the way to becoming an inveterate theater go-er. That one experience affected her entire life. A nephew of mine wanted to play on his high school football team. He was physically not capable of it. Instead he joined the school band. He played not a single note on any instrument at that point in his life. The only instrument open in the band was the oboe so he learned how to play the oboe. From High School he went on to Juillard School of Music. End result: he became chief music librarian for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. How's that for arts education affecting a life? The conclusions of the article are:

  1. Arts education facilitates language development and reading readiness.
  2. Arts Activities foster positive attitudes towards school.
  3. Direct music participation enhances the development of creativity.
  4. Arts education facilitates social development, personality adjustment and general intellectual development.
The following item is by Special Order only.
E. Lady at The Harpsichord Box, includes a music box. Once again Chanille has succeeded in producing one of the most outstanding boxes ever made. A highly detailed figure of an 18th century woman lost in the sound of her music as she plays the harpsichord. The detail on this ingenious piece defies description. The Harpsichord* has period legs detailed with relief bands of gold, panels of what have to be floral porcelain plaques which were very much in vogue in that period of time, relief beading outlines the plaques, legs with stretchers, and a detailed keyboard. (The top of the Harpsichord opens as the box.) She is sitting on a bench which matches the instrument and is dressed in a fabulous period gown. You can see the lace of her camisole at the neck of the dress bodice, lacy ruffles coming out of the sleeves, her hair is tied back with a black ribbon, the hemlines of both the bodice and the skirt are heavily embroidered in gold and you can see and feel the relief of the embroidery. And lastly, she is wearing a long strand of pearls which are done in relief as well. The figures stand on a plinth which has ball feet in gold metal. Beneath the plinth is the windup key for the music box. It plays The Theme from Love Story. Retail: About $405.00. Our price: $364.90. NEW and astoundingly beautiful!

F. A Night at The Opera Box. Madam Pussé in her stripped gown with ruffled sleeves, roses on her bodice and in her hair. Notice the the opera glasses and program in her paws. Inside, a rose and a fleur de lis for the clasp. Retail: Upwards of $187.00. Our price: $158.90.

The following item is no longer available.
G. Monsieur et Madam Chat au Briand in Their Box at L'Opera.
Dressed to the nines, a familiar figure for cats, Monsieur sporting a walrus mustache, white tie and tails, he even has shot his cuffs. And, he's using opera glasses. Madam is wide eyed watching "Figaro". As handsome a pair as I've ever seen gracing the social scene in Paris. Notice the red velvet drapery in the background. A fleur de lis for the clasp. Retail:Upwards of $217.00. Our price: $184.90. NEW

The following item is no longer available.
H. The Puss at the Piano Box. What a charming piece! Pussrowski at the keyboard composing "The Yowl Sonata" for tonight. There are no words to describe this charmer. Simply, the best! The detail of the painting is so perfect up to and including the rose that someone in the audience presented to the pianist. Inside, notes for the music and the clasp a lyre.If you collect cats, as I do, this one is a definite buy. Our price: $234.90.

I. The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Box. The most unique of all composers he had a mastery of every area of music with musical taste and a command of form that few have ever even approached. He played with the harpsichord at three, at four he was actually playing on it and at five he was composing for it. At the age of thirteen he had already composed his first symphonies and sonatas. If you realize that he died at the age of 35 having left a huge body of music in every genre including operas and musical plays then you can comprehend what a genius he was in truth. The cover of the box has a background of a musical score, a delicately painted harpsichord and finally, a portrait of Mozart. Inside, a CD, dimensional and removable. Unfortunately it does not play. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. Best Buy at $79.90.

NOTE: Did you know that The New York Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1842? And, it is one of the major reasons that New York is considered the cultural center of the United States. Its home is Lincoln Center and its lengthy roster of conductors is the most notable of any symphony orchestra in the world.

The following item is by Special Order only.
J. The Opera Glass Box for Opera.
(These are for looking at, not looking through.) On the lens of this pair of opera glasses are two scenes, one of the audience at L'Opera de Paris Bastille and the other of an opera in performance at L'Opera de Paris Bastille. Another version of this fun box from Rochard. Retail: About $305.00. Our price: $274.90. NEW and a sight to see.

K. The Opera Glass Box for Ballet. (These are for looking at, not looking through.) On the lens of this pair of opera glasses are two scenes, one of the audience at L'Opera Garnier and the other of a ballet production at L'Opera Garnier. Quite unusual in that it comes with it's own "sites to see". An amusing new box from Rochard. Retail: About $305.00. Our price: $274.90.

Note: L'Opera Garnier is the original L'Opera de Paris founded by Napoleon III in 1862 and completed in 1875, and until 1989 the home of all opera and ballet in Paris. In 1989 L'Opera de Paris Bastille was completed on the site of the infamous Bastille which you will recall was the birthplace of the French Revolution. That building now houses all opera in Paris but ballet remains at L'Opera Garnier. If you are wondering why L'Opera Garnier bears that name--Garnier was the architect for that incredibly magnificent structure.

*The Harpsichord looks, in fact, much like a spinet piano but it was the precursor to the piano and was very popular in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The strings were plucked by little claws rather than struck as the piano strings are. That is why there is a difference in the sounds of the two instruments. The Harpsichord is currently enjoying a revival as an instrument of music.

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