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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

The Center for The Performing Arts

In this new segment we will be featuring some really wonderful boxes all having to do with either music, theater or dancing, You will find that some of the boxes are entirely new to our catalog and others are boxes that we have run on a continuing basis, but whichever the case, all will be involved with The Performing Arts.

 The following item is by Special Order only.
A. The New Concert Grand Piano Box. Not just fabulously beautiful but it is a music box as well. It plays the "Theme From Love Story". The painting on it is lovely, each flower being articulated individually and very carefully so that there is much detail in the painting, but exceptional is the frame. The frame is tiny beading, an usual pattern in this type of metal work. The beads are perfect and minute and there is a double row of them running around the entire box. Inside, the cover is decorated in the floral pattern that runs around the piano case. The music box works are hidden from view by a red velveteen coverlet. The lid holder is antiqued metal in the shape of a "G" clef. Retail: About $315.00. Our price: $283.90. NEW. The following item is by Special Order only.
B. The Degas Ballerina Box. This lovely piece is modeled after a Degas ballerina. The position is one which he painted numerous times and the delicacy of the figure is his, as well. The sculptor who made the original model for the box caught the look of Degas perfectly and the painter of the box gave the figure a delicate and sensitive face, unusual in Limoges boxes. Inside the box, a pair of ballet slippers, dimensional and removable. The clasp, a crown. She must have been dancing Swan Lake, the prima ballerina in that ballet wears a crown. Retail: About $229.00. Our price: $197.90. Not new but certainly the finest figural box of a human figure that we have seen. (For more boxes on the ballet see the segment Balletomane in Paris.)

The following item is no longer available
C. The "Merchant of Venice" Box. From this play come some of the most famous and well known quotations of Shakespeare. "The quality of mercy is not strain'd. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, Upon the place beneath." "All that glitters is not gold." "In the twinkling of an eye." "But love is blind, and lovers cannot see, The pretty follies that themselves commit." "It is a wise father that knows his own child." And endless other quotations daily used in our own lives. Isn't it remarkable that one man can have written all of these? And as part of one play? A scene from the play covers the lid of the box and inside, dimensional and removable, a tiny mask that is perfectly sculpted. Happy surprise, the inside of the box is gold washed in a brilliant finish. Retail: About $261.00. Our price: $221.90. For anyone who loves "The Bard of Avon" this would be an enchanting gift.

D. The Musicians of Mudville Boxes. These fellows are models of sartorial splendor. You know they are playing at an important venue. Notice their ruffled shirts, tail coats, the whole nine yards, They are members of a string quartet minus one, but I have never heard of a string trio. My Webmaster tells me I am wrong and since he is an accomplished musician I stand corrected. There is a string trio but it does not consist of these three instruments. By the way, our prices for these boxes should be music to your ears. Buy the three and get shipping free. That's a savings of $25.50. Insiders Special for the three: $689.90.

D1. The Violinist Box. Heifitz would turn green with envy. This man gets tones Heifitz never heard. He is bowing his violin, the case at his feet. Inside, the phrase he is playing. The clasp is an open book of music on which you can actually see the written music. Retail: About $255.00. Our price: $216.90.

D2. The Cellist Box. This elegant chap is hearing sounds that could have been made by Casals himself; see that faraway look and his facial expression. And please notice that he is wearing a turtle neck. He must be having an identity crisis. The clasp is a lyre. The missing fourth instrument! Retail: About $315.00. Our price: $267.90.

D3. The Bassist Box. Charlie Mingus was the best of the bass players in my book, but he was jazz and this chap is trying very hard to fit in with a classier musical element, so it couldn't be Charlie. His facial expression says, "Call me Charles." But wait a moment. Look a bit closer. He really is Charlie. No long hair ever wore polka dot pants. Inside a sixteenth couplet, a G clef for the clasp. Retail: About $299.00. Our price: $254.90.

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