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The Perfect Anniversary or Wedding Gift 2
So many of you have purchased our Perfect Anniversary Gift Box that I decided we should have a second one. One that would compliment the first one, have the same theme, but allow you to purchase a different one for the next anniversary and then the recipient will have the beginning of a small collection of very specialized boxes.We will try for a new one each year that will have the same theme and maybe it will work out that we can have them personalized, as well. It will make gift buying simple for those of you giving Anniversary boxes and it will work beautifully for a Wedding Gift as well. I wanted the coloring to be similar so they could be displayed together and make a really impressive little group. As you can see, this one is circular with a domed lid and the two doves here are painted on the box along with a festoon of roses and the centerpiece of the box is two gold hearts, done in relief. Inside, two gold wedding bands linked together, painted. The clasp is twined hearts. Our price: $194.90. NEW Don't you think this would make an elegant gift for the same person you gave the first one? And wouldn't it be fun to start an Anniversary Collection for them?

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