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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Peanuts and the Gang (2)

Artoria's Tribute to The Late Charles Schulz, America's Master Cartoonist.

The following item is by Special Order only
F. Sally Giving Her Heart Away Box.
A great depiction of the Schultz character and a wonderful piece for Valentine giving. The heart says "I Love You". Inside it is gold washed and says: "Sweet Babboo". The clasp is twined hearts. Retail: About $251.00. Our price: $225.90.

G. Snoopy The Flying Ace Box. Wearing his helmet, goggles,and aviator scarf, his navigation map spread at his feet, he's about to take off! Well, in his imagination he is. What he is attempting to fly is his dog house and I don't think that's going to get him very far. It is so typical of the character -- always thinking he can do almost anything and the reality is that he can do almost nothing successfully. Nothing inside the box and the clasp is unimportant. Retail: About $205.00. Our price: $184.90.

H. The Snoopy and Woodstock in the "High Cotton" Box.
I have been looking at this box for the last 10 minutes and laughing. It is the funniest box. These two characters are ensconced in flower pots with ear to ear grins and such expressions of satisfaction on their little faces that I have to laugh. If my husband, a southern boy, was here he would say "They're in high cotton." After 30 years of being married to a southerner I learned that meant they were really, really happy! Anybody know why? Snoopy has a water spray bulb in his hand and Woodstock comes with the tiniest watering can, dimensional. Such a funny box! Retail: About $235.00. Our price: $224.90.

I.  Sally and Her Hula Hoop Box.  Sally is in her Bikini with a towel around her neck and she is standing barefooted on the beach.  Next to her feet, a crab and a starfish, painted.  Around her hips -- her Hula Hoop.  Remember the Hula Hoop Craze?  Every kid in the country had one and all of them would stand by the hour swinging their hips and making those crazy hoops go round and round and round.  I tried it several times and couldn’t do a thing with it.  Inevitably it ended up around my ankles.  Not so with the kids. They could keep them going for hours. Inside, “A star is born.” Painted.  The clasp is unimportant to the box.  Retail: About $265.00.  Our price: $238.90.

J. Linus and His Lolly Pop Box.
Lolly in one hand and schlepping his security blanket in the other, he’s ready for whatever befalls him with the necessities of life, food and courage, at hand.  Inside, a back up lollypop, painted.  Retail: About $265.00.  Our price: $238.90.

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