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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Peanuts and the Gang

Artoria's Tribute to The Late Charles Schulz, America's Master Cartoonist.

Who among us has not enjoyed Peanuts and The Gang at some time in our lives? I can remember my daughter poring over the comics and loving Linus and Snoopy absolutely the most! They were like her personal friends and she identified with them totally. I think most of us can because all of the Schultz characters have very human traits. As they arrive they will appear on this page. If you don't see the one you want let me know and I will order it for you. I can't buy every single one of them because before Artoria is through there will be a number of them. These are all limited editions of 1000 boxes worldwide.

A. Snoopy on The Ice Box. The box base glistens the way ice does when the sun hits it and you can see the blade marks in the ice, that's how detailed this box is. And what can one say about Snoopy except he is an exceptionally outgoing Beagle who thinks he is great at everything he tries -- in his dreams! He was the "raison d'etre" for our having a beagle and she was named Lucy after her namesake in the Charlie Brown comic strip. Inside, "Skating Champ" and the clasp, a snowflake. Retail: About $265.00. Our price: $256.90.

B. Linus Tying His Shoe Lace Box. This has got to be one of the cutest boxes ever. It ranks right up there our "Hands Down, The Greatest Kid's Box Ever" (elsewhere in the catalog). Linus' facial expression of puzzlement is wonderful! What child hasn't struggled with tying his laces? A great box!! Inside a pair of running shoes, dimensional and removable. Retail: About $255.00. Our price: $229.90.

C. The Best Birthday Cake Box Ever! Getting through the Big 50 is a piece of cake for these two. They sure don't look their age. The box is covered with balloons, confetti and streamers. Topping it are Snoopy and Woodstock, best friends for ever, sharing their cake and the happy moment. Inside a slice of the cake, dimensional; the clasp, a bow. What a wonderful birthday gift for any best friend!!! Notice their faces and the look of love. Retail: Upwards of $233.00. Our price: $210.90.

D. The Charlie Brown at Bat Box. The pitcher must have just thrown a strike because Charlie is mad as a hatter! His mouth is open and he is saying a few words to the pitcher. On the base of the box is the ball and inside, dimensional and removable, is the his fielding glove. Charlie is just never as good as he thinks he will be and somewhere out there, I am sure Lucy is watching and laughing at him. It was ever thus. Retail: About $235.00. Our price: $212.90

The following item is by Special Order only
E. Lucy the Witch Box.
Riding on her broomstick and sitting high atop a cloud. The base of the box is the deep blue of a night sky. Inside a dimensional Bat on the wing, removable, and the clasp is a star. A great Halloween box and a fun addition to our Peanuts Gallery. Retail: About $211.00. Our price: $190.90. NEW

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