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The Maker is Parry Vieille

parry6.gif (821 bytes)

The Mark is PV in a Circle
of words that say
Limoges, France Marque Deposee
and beneath that Peint Main
English translation: Limoges, France mark placed hand painted

perry1.gif (22339 bytes)

perry2.gif (23349 bytes)

parry3.gif (27552 bytes)

parry4.gif (23662 bytes)

parry5.gif (26819 bytes)

From left to right: Creating the design and sculpting the box. After the piece has been poured and it has set it is removed from the mold and Viola! The Box! A firing test at 1400 degrees Centigrade. The painting of the box makes the porcelain come alive. Then "Sertissage", the joining of metal and porcelain. Each hinge is custom fitted and molded to the individual box.

We've talked about Parry Vieille from time to time but it bears repeating. They are one of the finest makers of Limoges boxes. Their designs are all original; they lead and others follow. Unlike others, they make their boxes from start to finish. Every piece is designed, fabricated, decorated and mounted in their own factory.

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