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Papillons, the little toy dog with the beautiful butterfly ears.

Last year a customer of ours wrote and asked if we could get her a Papillon. I didn't know what it was. To me a "Papillon" was a butterfly. Well, it turned out to be a little dog with huge ears that stood out, like butterfly wings, and so the name. I forwarded the request to Artoria and got a "maybe". Pictures were needed. Our customer supplied us with all sorts of photographs, and these, also, were forwarded to Artoria. This year, Artoria made the Papillon Box and it is PERFECT! Because it is such an unusual breed, and most people know so little about it, I am going to provide just a bit of background so that you may better enjoy.

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The Papillon Box. Although Spain, France and Belgium all claim the breed as their own, the name Papillon gives credence to the dog having originated in France. Paintings in museums around the world document the age of the breed, the earliest date prior to 1450. In 1542 the renowned artist Titian did a portrait of a child holding her Papillon There are two varieties to the species; the erect-eared, Papillon and the drop-eared Phalene.

From the outset the breed was favored by royalty, nobility and the wealthy. They were dainty, elegant and ornamental with a loyal and loving temperament. No matter the artist, the paintings all present the dog as part of a family group. They were enormously popular and because they were toy size, they were carried everywhere by their masters. There is a charming anecdote that relates the story of King Henri III appearing before his state council with small baskets suspended from a ring around his neck. In the baskets? Papillons! Retail: Upwards of $213.00. Our price: $192.90.

When the original Papillon box was made several years ago, it was made in just the sable and white coloring.  I had no idea that the breed also could be black and white.  This year, a customer who has three papillons, asked if we could have a black and white version of the breed made.  I asked Artoria, they already had the box mold, and after a bit of research to find out exactly where on the little dog the alternate coloring appeared, and after the customer supplied us with numerous pictures of her little dogs, we finally got a black and white Papillon made.  So here it is!  Isn’t it darling?  Just the cutest little dog and so bright and so alert and such fun.

Everything about the box except the coloring is the same as the original box, including the size.
Retail:  About $200.00.  Our price: $194.90.

The following records the appearances of the breed in works of art:
St. Anthony by the Italian artist Sasetta (1392-1450)
Clarissa Strozzi with her Phalene by Titian, painted in 1542
The Venus of Urbino by Titian, painted in the 16th century
Prince Philip Prosper byVelasquez (1598-1660)
The Marriage of Marie de Medicis by Rubens (1577-1640)
Louis XIV and his Family by Largillere (1659-1746)
An etching of: Madame de Pompadour with her Papillon called, "The Faithful" by Baron Albert Houtart

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