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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

One is Not Enough 8

When I stand and look at the enormous collection of Limoges boxes with which I live on a daily basis I find that certain boxes wear really well. I never tire of of looking at the classics Interestingly, I find myself fingering them more frequently and stopping to enjoy their shapes and lovely colors. With hundreds of boxes surrounding me the ones I am drawn to over and over again are the classics. Figural boxes are charming and serve very well as mementos of special times or interests in our lives but overall, for sheer beauty, there is nothing like a classic. Each of the following boxes has some little thing about it that makes it especially lovely and a joy to call one's own.

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X. The Enchanting Triangular Tantalus Box.

Y. The Pentagonal Pill Box. A simple shape featuring Rococo outlined cartouches on both the base and lid with cream grounds and groups of flowers that are so detailed that they could be illustrations taken from an early book on horticulture. A French bow for the clasp and a leaf detail inside. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. SALE PRICE: $89.90

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Z. The Belled Oval Pomade Pot.

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AA. La Petite Rougepot.

The following item is No Longer Available.
BB. The Sunday in The Park Box.
Strolling in The Bois de Boulogne on Sunday was something that all Paris enjoyed in the nineteenth century. Everyone wore their best and everyone eyed everyone else to see what their best was. You may recall in the film "Gigi" the opening scenes and the closing scenes took place in The Bois and were exactly what I refer to here. Madam, wearing a hat of huge proportions, a tiny reticule hanging from her wrist and carrying a matching parasol was part of the scene. You can see that she is walking because her skirt is shown in motion. One of very few human figure boxes that appear in our pages. Retail: About $173.00. Our price: $156.90. NEW The box pictured is #4 in a limited edition of 300. SALE PRICE: $89.90

CC. The Scent Chest for Travel Box. A classic travel chest for perfume, simple, elegant, charming. Elaborate florals cover the lid and base. Inside, four jeweled scent bottles. A flower for the clasp. Retail: About $183.00. Our price: $165.90. NEW. The box pictured is #14 in a very limited edition of 77 pieces. SALE PRICE: $99.90  

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