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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Once is Not Enough (4)

Displaying by pattern is yet another way to focus attention on these tiny pieces of art. You may have noticed that it is sometimes done in the catalog. It works as well in the home particularly when the pattern is a very complex or unusual one. In the case of the boxes below, shown is a collection based on the Tobacco Leaf Pattern. This is a famous old porcelain pattern done in various shades of blue and green with touches of pink to rose. It was, for many years, a pattern used to decorate table ware and it made the most gorgeous table. Here, Chamart has taken simple animals and a classic compact shape and applied the pattern to each. Aren't they spectacular? Particularly notice how the change in the ground color on the compact box changes the feel of the entire pattern. (A point to remember if you enjoy dressing a table or decorating a room.)

J1.The Tobacco Leaf Rabbit Box. What's to say about him except--isn't he gorgeous? He's just a simple rabbit used as the vehicle to display this lush pattern of leaves and flowers. He is on a base that is 2.5 inches wide and at his highest point he is 2.5 inches. The clasp is a tobacco flower and inside, painted, another of the same. Our price: $272.90.

J2. The Tobacco Leaf Napping Cat Box. Nothing to say about the cat except that she does a great job of displaying the Tobacco Leaf motif. The base is 2.25 inches wide and the high point is 1.5 inches.Inside, a tobacco leaf bloom and the clasp, a mouse. Our price: $194.90.

J3. The Tobacco Leaf Turtle Box. A tiny turtle who is better looking than any turtle that I have ever seen. Dressed in his Tobacco Leaf finery he is almost lovely! 2 inches wide by 1.25 inches high. The clasp is a tobacco flower and inside the same, painted. Our price: $167.90.

J4. The Tobacco Leaf Frog Box. This is the frog who turned into a prince because he looked so beautiful in his Tobacco Leaf finery that a princess kissed him. Well, that's not exactly true but it makes a good story and he is smiling so maybe someone did compliment him on his appearance. He is certainly the best looking frog I have ever seen. The base is 1.5 inches in diameter and his high point is 2 inches.Inside, a gold leaf painted and the clasp is a dragonfly. Our price: $184.90.

J5. The Tobacco Leaf Compact Box. A simple circle displaying the central motif of the the Tobacco Leaf Pattern. Notice how complex the single motif is. Just the motif has 13 different shades of paint in it. A very intricate design indeed. The clasp is a flower that appears to have been taken from the Tobacco Leaf design. Our price: $167.90.

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