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Once is Not Enough 2
Spring is here and with it comes, what to me, is the greatest blessing of the season, my garden is in full bloom! This year I added some Lilies of the Valley and their delicacy presents a marvelous contrast to the bulbs with their heavy, strappy greens.  It makes the  sweetness  and grace of the Mueget twice as lovely to see.  And the scent of these tiny bell like blooms is just delightful.  It floats on the air. When I saw these boxes I knew we had to have them because they were just as delicately beautiful as real Lilies of The Valley. I might add that these come from our new source in France.

D 1.  The Large Octagonal Lilies of The Valley Box.  This is not a miniature piece.  It is 3.5 inches square and has the corners cut off. Notice also that the box lid has ledges and indentations on the side accented by gold borders. In the freshest spring green and white with just a sprinkling of blue forget-me-nots to spark the coloring this is one of the prettiest all purpose boxes I have seen. It would be stunning on a coffee table used for candy, it would be stunning on a dressing table used for special pieces of jewelry, matter of a fact it would be stunning anywhere you chose to use it.  If you wanted it as part of your Limoges collection then I would suggest using it with one or two of the smaller pieces as well so it would make a statement.  The painting is simply beautiful; notice the greens -- how delicately they are shaded and how graceful they are.  The tiny bell like blossoms are painted in relief and shaded so skillfully that they have the actual shape of real Lilies of The Valley.  Retail: About $225.00.  Our price: $202.90.

The following item is no longer available.
D 2.  The Lilies of The Valley Match Box.  One of the shapes I have always particularly liked this 2.25 inch high box displays the Mueget beautifully.  You can almost smell them they are so real.  Isn't it lovely?  The clasp is a blossom.  Retail: About $145.00.  Our price: $130.90.

D 3.  The Hexagonal Lilies of The Valley Box.  
Quite small, this box is only 1 3/8 inches across.  The Lilies come alive on the lid and the side panels as well as inside the box.  The clasp is a blossom.  Retail: About $143.00.  Our price: $129.90.  A delightful gift for a dear friend.

The following item is no longer available.
D 4.  Le Rond Mueget Box.  Isn't this the dearest little thing?  Lilies grace the lid, the cartouche below the clasp and the inside of the box.  A blossom for the clasp.  Retail: About $135.00.  Our price: $121.90.  Something lovely for a young girl, her first box.

E.  The Beauteous Butterfly Box.
 So delicate and so pretty and perfect as an accent with any of the above boxes.  The butterfly wings are almost transparent they are so thin and the painting is done like water colors rather than enamel.  It has a much lighter, airier feeling to it.  A tiny flower inside and a butterfly for the clasp. Retail:  About $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.


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