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The Cherry Blossoms Are in Bloom

If you have ever been in the city of Washington then you know about the Japanese Cherry Trees in the park that borders the Potomac River. They bloom in the spring and it is the most heavenly thing to see. They are all pink and white, the air is filled with their scent and they look like very fluffy clouds of pale pink cotton candy. Really quite beautiful and memorable. So memorable in fact, that I still recall them vividly from my visits to Washington in the 1940's when I was at college nearby. The larger group of boxes featured below has cherry blossoms as the design motif and very effective it is. These are classical boxes with extremely interesting shapes and these delightful cherry blossoms decorating them inside and out. I want to bring to your attention something that I don't think you can truly see in the photograph. The blue of the base has a near transparent film covering of whispy white kind of clouds that makes the blue look almost smoky, as if there is a very thin cloud cover against a deep blue sky. An interesting and very effective coloring. It speaks to the artist's knowledge and skill.

The following item is the only one available from this group
MM4. A Doubled Hinged Basket Box-- sans handle, done in the inky blue of a night sky with white cloud cover beneath it and again,the gold ground double lid with cherry blossoms floating over it. A stunning piece and together these make a handsome display and a strong statement of elegance. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90.

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