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Once is Not Enough
I find myself, once again, mentioning a theme that constantly proves itself. Certain boxes appear to cleave to other boxes even though they are designed and made by unrelated makers and even though their themes are disparate. It is a combination of coloring and painting style that function as the connecting factors. It is apparent to me that displayed as a group they individually gain in importance.

The group shown here comes from three different makers. Four of the boxes are recent designs and one is a style we have run for many years but in a completely different coloration than we have had previously. The shapes, the coloring and the designs seem made for each other, don't they?

A1. The Open Peony Heart Box. A small puffed heart with a burnished gold ground decorated with a stylized peony in white to pink, several shades of green leaves scattered over the ground and touches of Chinese red artfully giving focus to the centerpiece of the design. The inside is pristine white with a tiny green leaf in both the lid and the base. The clasp is an elaborate floral. Retail: About $247.00. Our price: $222.90. NEW

A2. The Open Peony Petit Pomade Box. This tiny (1.75" X 1") pomade jar displays the wonderfully intricate peony design equally as well as the previous shapes shown. The Jar is not a frequently used shape because few designs lay out on it well. The Open Peony seems to have been meant for it. Again, a happy confluence of designer and artist. Inside, tiny green leaves and the clasp and intricate flower. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. NEW

A3.The Open Peony Variation on a Bombé Chest Box. The shape of the box is unique in that holding it in your hand you can count 10 separate directional changes on the base. A quite complex design. Add to that the bombé shape and you have a very unusual shape which is quite lovely. The softness of the shape displays the peony design to great advantage, together a very happy confluence of designer and artist. Inside tiny green leaves and the clasp an intricate flower. Retail: About $257.00. Our price: $231.90. NEW

B. The Perfume Tantalus Box. We have had this box running in our catalog now for more than 6 years but never before in this coloring. Always the shape has been outstanding and the relief beading, rimming the lid,had given the box a truly elegant look but when I saw this, it looked so fresh and so crisp in it's green and white stripes that it was not to be resisted. Inside, in a gold framework, three green, jewel capped perfume flacons, usable. The clasp, a hanging wreath. One of the last efforts of Parry Vieille. Retail: About $255.00 Our price: $229.90. NEW

C. The Bluebird of Happiness Box. From the Rochard Studio Collection, this lovely piece is a simple square shape dressed in an unusual floral, a flowering tree limb with a tiny bluebird resting on the limb. It's beak is open and it is singing. I know that because the box is such a happy looking thing. Framing the floral design is a quarter inch gold band that is lined with gold studding in relief, unusual and very pretty. The flowering tree limbs also run around the base of the box. Inside- -- a portrait of a cherub in a garden.The clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $329.00. Our price: $297.90. NEW


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