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The Nutty Squirrel Box

This little chap is so special that I thought I would give him a home of his own.  Chauncey, my kitty, and I, both love squirrels.  They come in droves and visit us every day! I have been feeding them for several years now, partly because I enjoy the wildlife and partly because they are like mechanical toys for Chauncey to enjoy.  She loves to watch them but then, so do I.  They are bright little animals learning very quickly that if they showed up at the back door or the front patio door and just tapped on it I would bring them nuts.  At the back door we have a wood fence that runs the length of the yard and they use that as their highway racing back and forth across the fence.  Often they come right to window that is next to the kitchen counter where I usually prepare our food and they hang down off the fence peering into the window to get my attention.  They make their little sounds if I don’t acknowledge them quickly enough.  So funny and I get such a kick out of them.  Chaunce crouches on the floor at the door and keeps her eyes glued to them as they pick up the nuts.  If they linger too long she pounces at the door.  It doesn’t bother them in the least because they have learned that she cannot get to them. Sometimes they come right up to the door and are almost nose to nose with her.  It is hilarious to watch this go on.

One of these little fellows is missing the external part of his left ear.  I don’t know if he lost it or if he was born with this disfigurement.  It doesn’t seem to bother him at all but it does make it easy for us to recognize him whereas most of the others look too much alike to be able to tell if they are always the same ones who show up.  “One Ear” comes regularly and in the fall he started to prepare his winter hoard.  I watched him for several days as he did this.  I would throw perhaps 15-20 unshelled peanuts out and he would carry two at a time and race across the driveway to the lawn on the other side where there is a high hedge.  Beneath each shrub he burrowed a hole and then buried a few nuts in it and covered them over.  He was very systematic and did this repeatedly for several days.  I noticed within the last couple of weeks, when we had a great deal of rain, he didn’t come.  I am sure that he was feeding himself from his various stashes.  He lives in one of the trees on that side of the drive.

Well, now you know why I purchased this Squirrel for our collection. He is adorable! with his huge bushy tail and acorns in his front paws that he is obviously going to nibble on.  Alongside him is a dead tree stump and at his feet are more acorns and lots of leaves. The acorns are all in relief.  Inside an acorn, painted, plus an acorn that is dimensional and removable.  The clasp is an Oak Leaf. Retail: About $153.00.  Our price: $138.90.

Note: This box has a registration number on it which means that it cannot legally be copied.  Registration is the French equivalent of our copyright laws.

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