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The Name of the Game (3)

This group of boxes is eclectic to say the least. It covers everything from butterfly collecting and bird watching to snowboarding and scuba diving and for an extra added attraction there is a box representing an antique aeroplane from the First World War. How's that for a broad expanse of interests. And one other sport is represented, ice skating. Other than knowing a little bit about bird watching, I know absolutely nothing about the rest of these subjects. Forgive my ignorance, please.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
N. The Bird Watcher Binocular Box.
The binocular case is a picturesque piece covered with flora and fauna that you might find when you were out "birding" and includes a butterfly net in case you pursue that as a hobby as well. It has a strap handle for slinging it over your shoulder so that your hands may be free to hold the binoculars which are dimensional and removable. An attractive version of a utilitarian subject. Retail: Upwards of $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW from Rochard.

The following item is by Special Order only
O. The Ice Skate Carrying Case Box. In my day we simply tied the laces of the skates together and carried them hanging from our neck. Today there is a really handsome carrying case for your skates, mountain lake scenes with a chalet in the distance, a youngster pulling a sled, another skating and another sitting at the edge of the lake donning his skates. Inside the box, what the whole thing is all about-- a great looking pair of white skates that someone just got for Christmas! Retail: About $260.00. Our price: $233.90. This is Rochard¹s newest skate box.

P. Denizen of The Deep, The Scuba Diver Box. Another subject about which I know nothing. But, I do know that it takes a great deal of courage to do what scuba divers do. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to swim beneath the ocean surface going down perhaps 40 or 50 feet in strange waters, never knowing who or what you will meet in that murky world beneath the waves. Definitely not my cup of tea. I like to know who or what is swimming with me. I am not an adventurous soul leastways not that kind of adventure. The diver on the box is dressed in the appropriate diving gear with his tank on his back, his regulator and mask in place and, of course, you can see his flippers. Swimming just beneath him, a bright yellow fish. A starfish inside and another for the clasp. The figure is well done. Great legs! Retail: Upwards of $150.00. Our price: $134.90

Q. The Greatest Skiing Box Ever! I looked and looked for a really great Ski box and never could I find one that I thought was perfect until I saw this one recently. It is PERFECTION! From the snow that covers the top of the box to the action packed figure there is not a thing about this piece that isn't perfect. The snow glistens the way it does in really cold climes, the figure is positioned correctly; it is dressed in real ski clothing with heavy mittens, a helmet and boots to match; the ski poles are angled the way they would be in this situation and the figure is wearing snow goggles. Looking at this box there is an immediate sensation of fast forward movement. You can just feel the wind rushing by as he hurtles down the mountain. It is the finest action piece I have seen relating to skiing.. Inside, a painting of a snow scene with fir trees and mountains, the clasp a fir tree. Retail: About $235.00. Our price: $212.90. NEW and MARVELOUS!!!

S. The Jet Ski Box. This looks like such fun, I wish I was young enough to try it but I am under no illusions about what I can and cannot do these days. Jet skiing doesn't fall into the "Can Do" category. But, I still can look wistfully at something like this. The young man, dressed in his wet suit, wearing helmet and goggles, is really focused on what he is doing. It has got to be fairly dangerous because a tiny vehicle with a high speed motor taking on the powerful forces that result in roiled water such as the water this Jet Ski is riding requires pretty good concentration to keep you upright and afloat. Hit a wave wrong and you will end up hip deep in alligators. Isn't it interesting the risks we take when entertaining ourselves? Inside nothing special but the clasp is a Winner's Wreath. Retail: About $173.00. Our price: $156.90.

T .  The Hockey Player Box.  For several years people have been asking for a box for hockey and I never could find one. them. When they began to appear, I couldn’t find one I liked. They just didn’t look authentic to me and then recently I found this one.  I don’t know anything at all about hockey but I looked at this box and it seemed authentic to me.  The positioning of the player, the way he is leaning into the stroke, the tenseness of the body; these things made me think that this is probably the best of all of the hockey boxes I have seen. so here it is.  There are two versions of it, I presume for different teams. The player suited up in white has USA on his jersey so I am thinking that this must be an international match.  The player in black has PPA on his jersey front.  I have no idea of what that stands for, but perhaps a hockey fan like you knows the answer to that conundrum.   Retail: About $181.00.  Our price: $163.90.  

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