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The Name of the Game (2)

I don't know much about most sports but I do know a bit about baseball. We were great fans of The Los Angeles Dodgers, had season tickets for many years, went to every single "home" game and many "away" games. Any time The Boys in Blue were playing at Chavez you could find us there---along with 49,000 others who were also fans. We loved it! I knew the batting averages and all the stats for almost every player in our league. First thing I looked at every morning during preseason, and the regular season, was the sports page. What I loved the most was to get to the stadium a few hours before the game started and to sit and just enjoy the empty stadium. It had a kind of serenity that I have never found anyplace else. (Roger Angell, the famous baseball writer, described it perfectly in one of his books but I cannot find the quote for you.) Of course, the minute the team came out to warm up, it all changed. The excitement and anticipation of the game was incredible and it was always thus; with each game the same rising excitement, always the anticipation of a win. The thrill of the game remained new no matter how many we had witnessed. And, you know, hot dogs just don't taste the same anywhere else.

The following item is by Special Order only
Let's hear it for The Baseball Box. A simple player's carrying case with one exception, there are 7 players doing their thing on the cover of the box. 3 batters, 2 pitchers,a fielder and a catcher all showing their "stuff". Inside the bat, the ball and the glove, all dimensional and removable. You will be batting 1000.00 if you give this to a fan as a gift! Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. Not New but as classic as the game.

H. The Sopwith Camel Box. The most famous British airplane of World War I, this delicate looking single engine plane was credited with having shot down almost 1300  enemy planes in the course of the war.  The most famous German ace was numbered among the 1300.  Keeping in mind the fact that military aircraft were new and being used for the first time in modern warfare, more than one pilot of the Camel achieved 6 kills in one day.  Even by the standards of today that is an astounding record.  A great gift for any aircraft buff or pilot. From Chamart. Our price: $224.90.

I. The My Husband Spent the Weekend Kayaking with the Boys and I Stayed Home Box.
He owes me for that. I might even get a few Limoges boxes out of it. However, he brought me this. He always says not to worry when he goes Rafting or Kayaking. I'll know better next time. It looks to me like he went over Niagara Falls in that flimsy little Kayak of his. Some men never get over the thrill of pushing their luck. A wonderful gift for a patiently waiting wife or the fellow who went on the kayak expedition. The entire box is in relief; you can feel the foaming water and the rocks that are hidden by the foam. Only the trees around the palisades are not in relief. Inside, the fool going over the falls. The clasp reminds me of a river raft with seats lining both sides. Retail: $253.00. Our price: $226.90.

J. The Umpire Yelled "Play Ball" Box. The Stadium is jam packed, standing room only. This is the biggest game of the year! Last half of the ninth inning and it's all tied up. ! The fans are wild. Slowly, from out of the dugout comes Kirk Gibson. Injured in the last game, he can hardly stand up. Limping to the plate he's coming in as a pinch hitter! What a guy! He's got the heart of a lion! He limps to the plate, sets himself... the pitcher glances around the field then slowly winds up... the ball flies in to the plate at 93 miles an hour. Crack! He connects with the ball and it sails out over the field, the whole stadium is on their feet screaming. It's headed for the right field bleachers. Is it gonna be fair or foul? It's fair! It's fair! A Home Run! We won! The fans and the players went wild. People swarmed over the field. Most laughing but some crying. That game will be in my memory forever. That play took The Dodgers to the World Series in 1988. If you are a fan then this box is for you! A jam packed stadium with a batter standing at the plate! Inside, I Love Baseball! The clasp, a star. Retail: About $245.00. Our price: $219.90.

The following item is by Special Order only
K. A "Hail Mary" at the Stadium Box. It's the 4th down, the home team on their own 48 yard line, 4 points behind, a few seconds left on the clock. The teams get into position, the play is called and suddenly the quarterback drops back and throws a pass to the end zone! Seven men jump for it and out of the resulting melee at the bottom of the pile is the hometown receiver, the ball in his hands. That play won Boston College their conference that year. Memorable, you bet! The person who told me about it relived it as they told me. Inside, I Love Football! Retail: About $245.00. Our price: $219.90

L.  The Batter Up Box.  The World Series is over and Boston won!!!  One of our customers told me, they live in the heart of Boston, that the city went wild!  It was the first time Boston had taken the Series since 1918 so it certainly was understandable. I well remember Los Angeles when the Dodgers won in 1988.  It was party time for several weeks.  It is, in fact, a huge accomplishment.  If you ask an athlete what is the most difficult thing to do in any sport?  The answer is always "Hitting a baseball." The ball comes at the batter usually at better than 90 miles an hour and it comes from 60 feet away. Since the ball is  small and moving so rapidly, it is not easy to see it because it actually moves faster than your eyes can track it.  Besides that all pitchers have a repertoire of pitches that  they throw and those make the ball do strange things.  Now think about hitting this small object that is rotating and coming at you at 90 miles an hour and you have to hit it with a piece of wood that is about 3 inches in diameter in the area with which you strike the ball.  The ball itself is also 3 inches in diameter. Do you get the picture?  On this box, the batter is standing with his left foot on Home Plate.  That is not the way they stand. (But how would the French know, they don't play baseball.) The plate is actually square and they stand just alongside of it. They would have to be crazy to stand right on it because the pitcher is trying to get that ball often as close as he can to them and it has to be over some part of the Plate.  Getting hit by a baseball at 90 miles an hour smarts just a bit.  Inside the glove and ball, painted.  Retail:. About $143.00.  Our price: $127.90.

The following item is No Longer Available
M. The Billiard Table Box. Complete with racked balls, cue ball and cue stick, ready for the game to start. The players are all talking about --Limoges boxes that look like billiard tables! Isn't this the greatest? For a pool player this would make a really fun gift! There is nothing special inside the box and the clasp is an intricate design but of what I do not know. The pool table is meant to be oak, you can see the grain and color of the wood. All of the necessary accoutrements are on the table top. So, let the game begin! Retail: About $247.00. Our price: $222.90.

About Billiards: The game evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet in the 15th century, probably in France. It was moved indoors to a wooden table covered with green cloth simulating grass, a border around the edges. The balls were shoved not struck, as in croquet, with wooden sticks then called "maces". The word "billiards" derives from the French "bille" or ball, and possibly from "billart" a wooden stick. The game was enjoyed by royalty as well as others in all walks of life. Shakespeare mentioned it in "Antony and Cleopatra" in 1600. Seventy five years later, it was noted in a book of rules then just published in England, "few Towns of note therein which hath not a publick Billiard-Table". It had become a pastime for everyone.

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