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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Beach Dreams 2

The Name of the Game

This will be your call. We've got golf, tennis, baseball, mountain climbing, surfing and flying! And something a bit less active, croquet. If you love any of these sports you certainly will know more about them than I do so I will be silent and let you all do the talking. If you have any interesting facts or stories relating to any of these sports, send them via email to us and we'll put them on the page for our friends to enjoy.

Fore, Golfers:
A. The New "Putts The Dough" Box. What I love about this piece is that it shows the golfer in motion. See how her hair and her skirt are standing out? That's because she just rotated her shoulders for the putt. You can see the ball has left the face of the putter and is on a direct line for the hole. Looks to me like she is going to make this putt! On the inside, "A Hole in One", painted. Well, hardly, maybe in one putt, but it couldn't possibly be a "Hole in One". She wouldn't be putting if it was. The clasp is a golf ball. What else? Our price: $192.90. NEW Notice the look of concentration on her face. It really is a remarkable detail for a box.  

The following item is by Special Order only
B. The "I'm Just Kidding" Box.
"I know that I am holding a putter and the ball is just inches from the cup. Can't you tell from the eyeshade and the golf sweater that I am a real golfer?" The truth is that if this chap was taking a swing as pictured, he would be halfway down the next fairway with a swing like that. So this is a spoof without question. The designer of this box has obviously experienced some men golfers. I don't know if it is true anymore but it used to be thought that women had a better short game than men because they were more into the detail of a swing than men were. I am not here speaking of professional golfers but just the usual duffers you might meet on a course. Inside, painted, "Hole in One". The clasp is a set of golf clubs. Our price: $187.90 NEW Notice the position of the body. Really well done!

C. The Sailing Ship in a Bottle Box. This is a minute model of the yacht America in a bottle, which, as I recall, is what the America's Cup Races are named after. The America, a schooner, was the winner of the first race ever between Great Britain and the US. We won and the race became known as The America's Cup Race. What actually happened was the original winners of the trophy donated it to The New York Yacht Club who then became the sponsors of the race and the United States won continuously until Australia took the race just a few short years ago. Since then we won again and then New Zealand took the race which is about where it stands now. This incredible piece opens to reveal dimensional shells and a minute starfish. The clam shell is removable. The clasp is another sailing ship. Retail: About $231.00. Our price: $208.90. NEW An extraordinary piece!

D. The Tennis Pro Box. This is the kind of a tennis carrying case that is all business, not meant for the occasional player but for someone who can place that ball right inside the base line and does it time and again. The spareness of the box tells us it is meant for a real pro who takes the game seriously and works at being the best he or she can be. If you look at the painting you can see that there are no ruffles or sexy tennis outfits here. We've had this box before and brought it back because it is still one of the best boxes of it's kind. Playing tennis well is serious stuff and takes a lot of drive and determination. Inside, dimensional and removable, the racquet, ball and hand towel. From Rochard so you know it is well done. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. Encore performance.

E. The Golfing Shoe Box. The most traditional of golf shoes in brown and white. I bought them in Scotland years ago when we were on a golfing vacation and playing St. Andrew's. My driver and my ball are close by and the base of the box is a view of the course. You can see a water hole, a sand trap and the green at the end of the fairway. Inside, the ball resting right near the pin. I can't remember whether it was good iron shot or a rotten putt. The clasp, the clubs I bought in Scotland. Retail: About $281.00. Our price: $252.90.

The following item is No Longer Available
F. The Table Tennis Box.
Ping Pong, the original name of this game was a trade name and now is no longer used. The game is played world wide and is extremely popular in China and Japan, both countries providing the leading players in the world at present. It was invented in England in the early part of the twentieth century and has steadily grown in popularity until today it is played world wide. It is a simple game that depends totally on the strategy employed by the players and their agility at the table. It is one of the few sports at which women compete on an equal level with men physical strength not being of any consequence in the playing of the game. The box has the playing field, the table, a racquet and ball resting on it, the net being part of the box. Inside is another racquet, dimensional and removable. Retail: About $207.00. Our price: $186.90. Newly arrived and I am waiting for a game. Tennis anyone?

The following item is by Special Order only
G. The Ladies Singles Box. The court looks in great shape, it's clay, and the gal that's on it is ready to start the game. Her racquet and ball are right here. The clasp is also a racquet and ball. Retail: Upwards of $157.00. Our price: $142.90.

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