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Limoges Miniatures, continued
Limoges Miniatures at Minuscule Prices. The prices are as tiny as the boxes. These can make marvelous gifts both for Christmas and other occasions and an occasional piece added to your own collection is not a bad idea either. If you, like me, collect boxes of just one animal, then having a mini box of that animal in your collection adds to the interest of your collection. These, by the way, are all Parry Vieille boxes so you know the details are terrific.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
J. The 102nd Dalmatian Box.
He got there late and they started without him. He is such a sweet little thing, you can see how badly he feels, he's broken out in spots all over because of it. Retail: About $113.00. Our price: $101.90. Back by Popular demand!

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
K. Miss PittyPat, The PrettyCat Box. Petite, delicate and perfect in every detail. Isn't she adorable. Such a little lady! You can imagine how tiny her meows are. She is ensconced on a turquoise velvet pillow with fringe. Inside, a ball of yarn. The clasp, a French bow. For a lover of cats she is The Perfect Gift! Retail: About $135.00. Our price: $121.90. Repeat Performance.

L. A Rasher of Rabbits or a Bushel of Bunnies.
L1. Peter Cottontail Box. Is he the sweetest or what? Wouldn't a little child you know, who loves the Peter Rabbit stories, just be delighted with a box like this! Inside a carrot with all of it's greenery, painted. The clasp a French bow. Retail: About $115.00. Our price: $103.90.

L2. The name of the box is, I'mallears. And he is, too. He's on a bed of grass in his wicker basket with a braided wire handle. The clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $115.00. Our price: $103.90.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
L3. The Demure Rabbit Box.
His downward glance says he is trying to go unnoticed there in your flower bed. He knows he doesn't belong there, you can see that from his facial expression, But he's a rabbit. What does he know about self discipline? A friend of his is the clasp. Retail: About $105.00. Our price: $94.90.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
L4. The Not So Tiny Rabbit Box.
This fellow must feel like a giant among lots of little guys but there is no other home for him in the catalog at the moment so he will have to live here. He is a cottontail, the common garden variety we find in our yards particularly when the spring bulbs are out or if we raise vegetables, the carrot patch is where you will find him. This chap looks well fed so I imagine he has decimated a garden bed recently. I recall once, many years ago, putting in hundreds of spring bulbs in a border around a large circular driveway in front of our house. I watched and waited for the first signs of green to appear and then couldn't wait for the the whole thing to bloom One morning I went out and it was gorgeous! There were literally hundreds of King Alfred Daffodils, Jonquils and Bearded Tulips all in bloom. It was truly beautiful! When I went out again later that day, all that was left were stalks and leaves, not one flower head was left. Those danged rabbits had eaten all of my flowers. That happened in my second year of living in California. It was my first experience with rabbits. I didn't think they were so cute after that. But this one is. And he really doesn't eat much.A carrot inside, painted, and a flower for the clasp. He brought his own food. Retail: About $115.00. Our price: $103.90. NEW

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