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Memorial to the World Trade Center and The Heroes of New York

Earlier this year, DuBarry brought us a box that was an overview of the lower New York Harbor. At the time it was first presented I thought that there were other boxes that were more important to our catalog and I did not purchase it. We already had a number of boxes representing New York. Never did I dream that it would become a commemoration of New York as it was prior to that infamous day in September. Shortly after September 11 DuBarry contacted me again about the box. I didn't really remember it and although I ordered it, because requests for just such a box were already pouring in, when it arrived I felt that it was flat and uninteresting with none of the drama that I wanted it to have. I called DuBarry and they agreed to make some changes in the box. What you see here, now, is the result. Spectacular, isn't it? Additionally they did several other boxes on the same theme and those are also shown here along with a box that we had made especially for us, a tribute to all of The Heroes of New York.

The following item is no longer available.
A. The New York in Retrospect Box. A melange of the most important features of the lower harbor area of New York City. Naturally The Statue of Liberty, The Old Customs House at the Battery, The Woolworth Building which was a skyline feature in New York for many years and, draped in a shroud of our flag, The World Trade Center Buildings. Inside, "Long may it wave". Retail: About $246.00. Our price: $219.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
B. A Tribute to The Firefighters Box.
Open books with our flag pictured and the hat of a firefighter resting on them The unbelievable bravery, courage and inner strength of these men who daily put their lives at risk for others whom they know not is heroism on a scale that is beyond comprehension for most of us. In memory of those who returned and those who remained behind. Inside, "God Bless America." He did, when he gave us the men who are Firefighters. Retail: About $171.00. Our price: $154.90.

C. Under The Wings of An Eagle Box. Wings outspread, above a craggy outcrop of rock, the Eagle offers protection to all who seek the shelter of her wings. Under her wings, our flag. The bird is done in astonishing and detailed relief. Retail: About $299.00. Our price: $269.90.

The following item is no longer available.
D. The America, Passing The Flag Box.
This marvelous drawing that came to me via email from an unknown artist was so poignant and so much the spirit of this country that I decided to have this box made just for us. It speaks to the heroism of all of our rescue workers and our military. Without them we would be lost! Our price: $225.00. NEW Made by Cardinet expressly for The Perfect Gift, The box is A NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 25 PIECES and carries our name.

Sorry, the following item is no longer available.
E. The Original New York, New York Box.
As it was before September 11. You'll Have Manhattan, The Bronx and Brooklyn, Too. You can see The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, The World Trade Center as it was, The Brooklyn and Queensborough Bridges, the Holland Tunnel, The Hudson and East Rivers, The Lady With The Torch, Rikers Island, Ellis Island and The Lake in Central Park. You can see the docks in New Jersey and more detail than you could ever believe. Done in the shape of an apple and sculpted in the most remarkable relief, this box has been one of our best sellers for several years now. Inside, a tiny dimensional and removable Yellow Cab, a mainstay for getting around Manhattan. Retail: About $205.00. Our price: $184.90. This box holds the record for longevity in our catalog. We have run it since 1998.

The following item is by Special Order only.
F. The Steed of The Heroes of New York Box.
A tiny model of a New York City fire truck
with the hose neatly placed for quick access and all of the pumping equipment they use in place on the side of the truck. Up top the flashing lights and siren equipment. Notice that the cab portion of the truck is large enough to hold the whole crew. Gone are the days when they flew down the street hanging on to the sides of the truck adding to the danger that they faced each time they responded to a call. Inside the box, a tiny fire hat, dimensional and removable. These have to be the bravest men in the world with a desire to help people in their time of need that surpasses anything that we ordinary mortals can imagine. They risk their lives for us every day of their working lives and we so rarely even think about it excepting when a September 11th occurs. I for one will never forget the sight of them that nightmare day. Heaven only knows how many more would have been lost but for these incredibly courageous men. Retail: About $271.00. Our price: $243.90.

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