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"Limoges Boxes, A Comprehensive Guide" by Faye Strumpf with photographs by Ann Morisette. Faye, a personal friend of ours, is an authority on antiques with a specialty in Limoges boxes. She has done several years of research, spent much time in Limoges ferreting out facts about Limoges boxes, spoken with everyone who was anyone in the industry and put together a compendium of makers marks and back stamps from the early days of Limoges boxes to present day. ( I know there are those of you who will be delighted with that.) The book is not a window dressing piece. It is exactly what it purports to be, "A Comprehensive Guide" for the serious Limoges box collector.

It is not a coffee table book. It is not meant to impress your friends. It is meant to give you sufficient information so that you can impress your friends and others with your knowledge. It is meant to make you a wiser and more successful collector and collecting a more rewarding experieince.

Many of our boxes from previous years are in the book and there even a few that we still carry. Faye and Ann spent a whole day with us photographing our boxes. Some of you may even own some of the boxes that appear in the book. That's always a fun thing to find your choice approved in print by an expert.

The publisher has elected to do the book in soft cover so that it can easily be carried when Limoges box hunting is the activity of the day. As well, it makes it affordable for everyone. It is in full color with over 400 illustrations.

The book can be found at Barnes and Noble online. Click Here to go there now and find out more!

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