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Les Girls 2
Truly well done fashion boxes are really hard to find in Limoges. I don’t know why this is so seeing that  France is still the center of the world’s fashion industry. One would think they would do great fashion boxes with new ones each season but they don’t. I guess Limoges is simply not a fashion conscious city. Hard to believe that a Frenchman could be unaware of something for which his country is world famous but that is certainly how it appears. My most recent finds are the three boxes below. They are highly detailed and very well done. If you are collecting fashion boxes any or all of these would be a great addition to your collection.

E.  The Hunt Club Box. In the 1960’s when John F. Kennedy was our President, Jackie Kennedy liked to get away from the formality of the White House so she purchased an estate in the Virginia countryside where she could relax and live, for short periods, what for her would have been a normal life. She loved riding and joined a hunt club there. This outfit could have been what she wore for the hunt! The handsome red jacket with black velvet pocket flaps and collar, highly polished black leather boots, a velvet riding cap and her English saddle and crop. It is all set out on the chair ready for her to dress. Inside is the hurdle for her jumping practice and the clasp is a horseshoe,  Retail: About $291.00. Our price: $262.90.  

F. Galeries Lafayette
is a wonderful department store in Paris. It is set up  as a series of boutiques each one being that of a name designer of hand bags, shoes, leather goods,  etc., each with its own displays. Unlike our stores here that show a few things from each designer, there they have almost the entire line of each designer. Huge assortments of handbags from the leading handbag designers. The last time I was there I bought several handbags and at the greatest prices. Quite different what you pay there as opposed to what you pay here for the same thing.

F1.  The Louis Vuitton Handbags Box. The attaché case style and several things that will go into it; sunglasses, lipstick and why her shoes are on top of I will never know but they are  --  bright red strappy sandals on platforms! Not very practical but cute on the box. Inside, I Love Paris! and the clasps are typical luggage clasps. Retail About: $255.00. Our price: $229.90.

F2.  Lunch at The Ritz Box.
The Ritz in Paris is still one of the finest hotels in the world. Elegant doesn’t begin to describe it. One of the places to be sure and visit  if only for cocktails or tea. It really is an experience! And don’t even begin to think about going there in jeans or anything like them. This box is typical of the way the women dress at The Ritz. An understated black sleeveless sheath with gold kidskin trim, black patent pumps with gold buckle and hat, bag and parasol in deep winey plum shade. (The hat, purse and parasol are all in fabric and are hanging on a gold stand.) Inside, painted, a handsomely wrapped gift box. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Retail:  About $285.00. Our price: $256.90.

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