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Les Girls

I have spent months looking for really well done boxes for Les Girls.  Not easy to find.  Most of them are quite tacky looking but, find some I did and here they are.  One thing I want to mention, that I find quite interesting, is that the French who have the greatest clothing designers in the world right in their back yard have turned to, what they have always thought of as, conservative old England, for fashions.  I think it is hilarious and quite a feather in the cap of England's fashion industry.

Variations on the Theme of Burbury Plaid.

A 1. The Burbury Broad Brimmed Bonnet Box.  Sitting on its red hat stand I sat staring at this great hat in the hat shop.  I hadn't an idea in the world of what I was going to wear it with but I knew I had to have one of these. This first one had a broad brim of Burbury Plaid.  Stunning! but it needed a particular kind of dress to go with it.  A suit wouldn't work because the suit collar would create a problem with the deep brim of the hat.  What it needed was a stunning black wool dress!  But I do have to say, it sure looked smashing when I tried it on!  Aha!  Inside the box another version of the hat.  Not quite so broad a brim and in the coloring of Burbury but not in the plaid,.  Simpler but not quite as exciting as the Burbury Plaid  number. (The 2nd hat comes inside the first Hat Box.)  Retail:  About $141.00.  Our price: $127.90.  New

A 2.  The Burbury Plaid Hat Box.   
Open it and there inside is an English School Girl's Hat in the Burbury coloring with a black hat band and trimmed with red cherries on the brim.  Charming but not as exciting to me as the Broad Brimmed number but then, I am thinking of wearing these and you are thinking of displaying them.  A bit different!  Retail:  About $141.00.  Our price: $127.90.  New

A 3.  The Burbury Plaid Tote Bag Box.  
I purchased this several months ago knowing full well that I had not a thing to go with it.  That didn't stop me!  I knew I would find something that was great with it and as you can see, I did!  This is just a typical Tote Bag but the Burbury Plaid makes it great!  Smart looking, isn't it?  It comes with an American Express Credit Card inside of it.  That doesn't sound bad either!  The card, by the way, is in the name of Madame Limoges!  That name could apply to few of you nicely!  Retail:  About: $169.00.  Our price: $152.90.

A 4. The Burbury Plaid Shoulder Bag. A small handbag with a long chain strap, just right for over the shoulder use.  Open it and and everything you need is in it!  Your cell phone, and it’s the kind that takes pictures, your lipstick in bright red, and your sunglasses.  You’re ready to go!  This is the kind of bag that you can use with almost anything, just the way we used the LV bags.  Retail: About $315.00.  Our price: $283.90.

B.  The Shopping Spree in Paris Box.  
For the first time ever, a decent looking dress on a Limoges box! A smart looking classic V neck in black with matching shoes and the Shop in Paris Bag in which it got carried home.  The tissue is still in the bag!  On the front of the bag is Le Champs Elysées looking at L'Arc de Triomphe so you really get a lot of Paris with this box!  The Eiffel Tower is the clasp and inside, dimensional and removable, is the other shoe.  Also, painted, a rack on which to hang the dress. Retail:  $191.00.  Our price: $177.90. I thought this box was one great value!  It is from an Importer who is new to us.  Very nicely done.  

C. The Book of  Perfume from Paris Box.  
This looks like two volumes about perfume the front cover of which is a very ethereal lady in an inviting pose.  Open the box and you find a perfume flacon held in place by a bronze bee.  Unusual and very smart!    The clasp is a quill pen.  Retail: $203.00.  Our price: $183.90.

D.  The Love Letter Trunk Box.  
This box has no mission in life but to look beautiful!  The design is unusual with very sophisticated coloring and it looks marvelous with the other  boxes on this page.  That is its sole reason for being here! Nothing inside and a heart lock for the clasp.  Our price: $189.90.

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