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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Les Chats Unique

Les Chats Unique (3)!

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My cat, Chauncey, is an astounding animal but lately she has been awe inspiring. Her level of communication with me has become unbelievable. I went to bed the other night, very tired because I had been at the computer writing for a number of hours, and had been asleep for about an hour when I suddenly felt this weight on my chest. Without opening my eyes, in the black of night it would have been useless, I reached for her with both hands and pushed her off my chest. After a moment she returned and started pawing at me again. I clicked on the bedside light and she leapt off the bed and ran to the bedroom door. She stood staring at me making these little sounds, very obviously wanting me to join her. After a moment or two I realized that was what she wanted and walked to the door. As I neared the bedroom door she went racing down the hall. I followed behind her and she stopped when she reached the patio sliding door. I stopped there too. It stood wide open. I had forgotten to close it before going to bed. I closed and locked it. Chauncey headed for the bedroom, curled right up and was asleep in moments. She is one Chat Unique.

The following item is by Special Order only.
O. Berrigan,The Cool Cat Box.
I was going to call this cat Gabriel but he never wore yellow pants or a red vest so it had to be Berrigan. Not that Bunny Berrigan ever wore yellow pants but he might have worn a red vest. Of course, the horn is the big clue. Is that "I Can't Get Started With You" I hear? This little guy really hits those high notes. Certainly Chamart did when they decided to do a series of cats each playing a different instrument. (You can see the others they have done, so far, on the first page of this segment.) What is particularly interesting about this box is that Berrigan is leaning back--the way great trumpet players do when they are reaching for a note--and his tail is supporting him. It is so well done. Inside, some musical notes and the clasp, a lyre. Our price: $209.90. NEW
NOTE: Bunny Berrigan was one of the great trumpet men of the 20th century. He played the sweetest trumpet and his arrangements were sensational. When you hear the old standard "I Can't Get Started With You" is it almost always his recording of it or someone who is using his arrangement. His was one superb rendition of that tune and was what made it a great old standard.

The following item is by No Longer Available.
P. The You're Really In Trouble This Time Box.
I walked into the living room and there they both were using the new sofa as a race track. Chauncey, caught in the act, is climbing up the back of it and Clarence, the one I call "The Watch Cat" because I've had to watch him every moment since he came to stay with us, is sharpening his claws on the arm of the sofa. If I get my hands on either of them it will be curtains! The expression on Chauncey's face is "My God, Mom sees me!" and Clarence doesn't yet know what trouble means but he will be finding out shortly. Inside, nothing and the clasp is a stylized bow. This is from a maker who is new to us but it was such a funny box that I had to have it for our collection. Retail: About $302.00. Our price: $272.90. NEW

NOTE: An interesting thing about this box is that every single one we have had, now 4, is different than the last. The cats are in different positions seemingly doing different things. What that means, of course, is that each box is a "one and only" because no two of them, so far, have been the same. To my mind that adds real value to the piece because each is an original. So, don't be surprised if, when you order this piece, that it is just a bit different than pictured.

The following item is by No Longer Available.
Q. The "Oh God, I'm In Trouble Again" Box.
That drat cat is always up to something. This time I caught him coming out of the trash bin with the remains of some poor fish that he finished off. He has a "Who Me?" expression on his face but the evidence is clearly there. In his right front paw he is holding the skeletal remains of the victim. Inside, a can of thon, French for tuna and the clasp is another thon. Retail: About$135.00. Our price: $121.90.

R. "The Cat's Pajamas" Box. When I was a girl there was a slang expression, "It's the cat's pajamas!" It translated to, loosely, "This is great. " Chamart took the blank for Lana Thai, our Siamese beauty, who currently resides in "Clowder of Cats 2" segment and dressed her in an all-over wall paper design that's The Cat's Pajamas!" A fun box that is really lovely! In several of our other segments you can see animal figures done is the same way, some with the "Tobacco Leaf Pattern" and some with this "Wall Paper" pattern. The cat figure is very graceful and delicate looking and displays the pattern beautifully. Inside, a detail from the pattern and the clasp a flower from the pattern. Our price: $195.90. Encore performance.

S. The Cat and The Fiddle Box. This box is such a charmer because it is the depiction of a nursery rhyme we all know well. Even at my age I still remember it. Kind of astonishing when you stop to think of the years that have gone by since last I recited it. Remember? ,
Hey Diddle Diddle
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such a sight
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
All of the characters are represented, the cat is standing on the moon, the cow is the clasp and the dish and spoon are inside, painted. What I am thinking as I write this is--what in heaven's name does this nonsense mean? The box is adorable in any case and a fun one to own. I have one in my own collection of Limoges cat boxes. Retail: About $217.00. Our price: $195.90 An oldie but goodie.

T. Burbury, The Cat in The Bag Box. "Who wants to get out of the blanket bag the comes from Burbury's in London?" I asked. "Not I" said Burbury, the Cat in The Bag. Look at the expression on this cat's face. It is one of the best I have ever seen. Whomever painted this animal has cats because cats don't look you in the eye like that unless they are very comfortable with you and know you very well. Chauncey, my resident puss, will look at me that way when she is striving to make me understand what it is she wants. In this case I would say Burbury wants to be left in his Burbury Bag. Can you blame him? Inside, a ball of twine and the clasp a French bow. This is from a maker new to us and it is a lovely piece. Retail: about $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW and a gem!

U. The Best Friends Box. Benton and Buster giving each other the eye. Aren't they the funniest? And haven't we all seen our pets in this pose? Daisies are strewn across the cover of the box and these two characters are standing in the grass. Nothing inside excepting the maker's name and the clasp is a ball. Our price: $172.90.

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