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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Les Chats Unique

Les Chats Unique (2)!

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When you are a "cat person" you are hard put to pass any kitty by. Each cat I see is a challenge. Can I get him to walk over to me and let me pet him or just chat with him? They seem to call to me; draw me like a magnet. As well, I cannot pass anything that resembles a cat in inanimate objects. When I am viewing the Limoges boxes, the cats jump right out at me. I always buy them first. When the makers see me, out come the kitty boxes. They all know that I cannot pass up a really well done box if it has anything to do with a cat. So here are the latest additions to our cattery.

H. The Kitties in Bed(lam) Box or Trouble is their Middle Name. These three are practically swinging from a chandelier. Like marbles, they are off in every direction. Cinnamon is hanging out on the canopy of the bed. Pepper is hiding in the folds of the bed drapery that he has just pulled from the canopy, and Salty is resting his rump on the foot board of the bed. I'd like to see them when their Mom walks into the room. This marvelous little piece is detailed to the nth degree. The bed is beautifully dressed with embroidered sheets and pillow cases. There is even an extra throw cushion, removable. From Parry Vieille, of course. Retail: $233.00. Our price: $209.90.

The following item is by Special Order only.
J. Irish. How could a green eyed redhead be anything but Irish? Talk about "Wearing of the Green"? He and that bird reside in the same household, and strangely, they have become fast friends. The bird rides around on his tail 24 hours a day. The bird even left his change of feathers in the box, painted, how's that for friendship and trust? The clasp, another bird. Retail: Upwards of $191.00. Our price: $171.90. NEW and if you have an Irish cat this box is for you!

K. The Blue Eyed Himalayan with Matching Tail Ornament Box. She's too chunky for a Siamese so she must be a Himalayan. Siamese are shorthaired cats but Himalayans have very dense coats that actually hide their small bone structure. Their eyes are always deep blue and they always wear brown boots. You can see from her face that she is sure that the thing on her tail is inanimate because no bird, blue or otherwise, would ever have the nerve to land where this critter is. She is standing on an Oriental rug in lacquer red. Inside a blue feather, painted and the clasp another winged oiseau. Retail: $191.00. Our price: $171.90.
Note: You can see this box in two breed variations at Clowder of Cats 1 Items "A" and "E".

The following item is by Special Order only.
L. The Dang It! I'm Gonna Get 'im Box. I don't know any animal that is more determined
than a cat when it makes it's mind up to something. If my Chauncey sees a spider, or a squirrel, or a lizard, she will wait forever, if need be, to get it. She will never give up. If I chase her, she goes away and when she thinks that I am gone she goes right back to watching and waiting for that poor thing who inevitably is foolish enough to stick it's head out again. Chauncey will spend hours sitting and waiting to get whatever it is she is after. And here's someone else just like her. Whitewalls saw that mouse go into this box and he went right in after it. The mouse is a goner, plastered on the inside of the closed bag and Whitewalls is there waiting. He went right through the bottom of the bag to get that mouse and he's not leaving until he's got him. You can see the determination on his face. The clasp is a simple bow, not important to the box. Retail: About $215.00. Our price: $193.90. NEW Any cat lover will just love this box because it will be such a familiar scene.

N. The Cat and Mouse Game Box. Each knows the other is there and each is trying to outsmart the other. As long as Mouse is able to get back under the chair Cat can't get in there to get him. He ventured too far afield from his front door and Cat knows that. Now it's a matter of eventualities; will Cat get hungry enough eventually to go off to her food bowl for a snack or will some kind soul eventually come by and rescue Mouse? Only time will tell. Inside the box, the entrance to Mouse's house, the clasp a bee. Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90. New arrivals in our cattery.

*NOTE: The maker of this box has asked that we not discount it.

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