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Les Cartes Postal Collection

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When I was a child my parents traveled quite often and when they did they always sent me postal cards from wherever they were. I loved them. They were --real --mail-- for--me, addressed to me. They made me feel so grown up. And it also made me feel not so bereft because even in those early years I realized that they were thinking of me was why they sent me the postal cards. Somehow, that made missing them easier for me. From then until now I have loved getting postal cards when dear friends traveled because it always made me know they were thinking of me even if only for the few moments it took to write and send them. When I saw these cards all that I have just said came back into my mind and I thought how fun it could be if parents bought these for their young children, something the kids could keep forever and look back on with such clear memories of how loving their parents had been when they were young. Unfortunately there is not a huge selection of them in the quality that I wanted but there will be more and these will give us a nice start.

A. The Hollywood Sign Postal Card (Box). Since I have driven past the spot painted on this card perhaps 5000 times in the forty years that I have lived in the Los Angeles area, I consider myself able to state with authority that it is an excellent replica of the spot in the Hollywood Hills that it depicts. The Hollywood sign is a landmark in Los Angeles. It has been there since Hollywood was first being developed. It was built and placed there by one of the original land developers in 1923 in an area which he called Hollywoodland and there it has remained because, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it developed a life of it's own. When they wanted to take it down a number of years ago, the residents rose up and stopped them. They loved the sign. Gene Autry was the first contributor to a fund for adopting the letters. To adopt a letter then cost $26,000.00 Many of the Hollywood people contributed to that fund and they completely rejuvenated the sign only removing --LAND--from it.. So there it has stayed for more than 85 years. It has been refurbished and repaired and propped up but the original sign is still there. Visit Hollywood and this is the card you send to anyone who would love to know that you are thinking of them. Inside, a star from the Walk of Stars on Hollywood Boulevard, this one is for Maurice Chevalier. The underside of the box says, "Bonjour de Hollywood" and it is stamped and addressed. Retail: About $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW and great fun!

B. The Beverly Hills Postal Card (Box). Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is known as a shopping mecca all over the world. The finest shops in Los Angeles are all on this street or just adjacent to it. On Rodeo just north of Wilshire Boulevard there is a very little street that was developed just a few years ago. It is not a street that can be driven on. It is for walking only and leads only to the stores in this complex. It is called One Rodeo Drive. The architecture of all of the buildings on this street is quite European and you really feel as though you are in London or Paris when you are there. It has the feeling of the arcades on Bond Street or even a bit of the feeling of Avenue Montaigne in Paris. It houses stores of the caliber of Tiffany's which is one of the stores resident there. The face of this box is looking into One Rodeo Drive. Inside,painted, a handbag which by it's shape is easily identifiable as a Louis Vuiton. The message side of the card (box) says, "Bonjour de Beverly Hills, Calfornie" and the address space reads Peint Mein, Limoges France. Retail: About $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW and a perfect remembrance of a trip to California.

C. The Tour de France Bicycle Race Postal Card (Box). The Tour de France is the world's most prestigious bicycle race and attracts teams of riders from all over the world. It covers 2,235 miles of road in France, primarily, but also in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. It is routed through both flat lands and very mountainous regions making it the most difficult racing event there is. In France it is a national event and the roads are lined with spectators for all of the 20 days in July during which the race is ongoing.The race, no matter where it starts, always ends up with the riders cycling down the Champs-Elysées and this box depicts that part of the race. The riders are coming down the Champs from the Arc de Triomphe headed towards the finish line.The Arc is in the rear of the painting, the chestnut trees are in full leaf and line either side of the center segment of the Champs. Flags line the thoroughfare and the cyclists seem as though they are moving. The coloring is lovely and the painting very well done. On the message side of the card it reads Bonjour de Paris with a signature and Peint Main Limoges France in the address space.Inside the box, Tour de France, Champs-Elysées Retail: $155.00. Our price: $139.90. NEW For someone into cycling this would make a wonderful gift.

D. The Eiffel Tower Postal Card (Box). Every tourist entering Paris visits the Eiffel Tower. It is, by far, the most popular tourist attraction in the capital of France. It has been that way since it was built for the Paris Exposition in 1889. It has become the world symbol of Paris which is quite interesting since it was not meant to be more than a temporary structure. Like the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, it developed a life of it's own that has continued for more than 114 years. With all of the magnificent and elegant architectural sights in Paris most unusual is that this is really kitsch by comparison and yet both the Parisians and the tourists love it. On the second level, 376 feet up, there is a wonderful restaurant called the Jules Verne, marvelous food and not to be missed because of the views as well as the food. The message side of the card reads Bonnes Vacances de Paris and the address section says Peint Main Limoges France. Retail: About $155.00. Our price: $139.90. NEW A fun gift to give to a travel companion if you visited Paris together. They get to remember Paris and you each time their eyes fall on the box.

E. The Mont -St-Michel Monastery Postal Card (Box). One of the loveliest sights in France, this Benedictine monastery sits like a jeweled crown atop a small island on the Normandy Coast south of Cherbourg. Originally built in the 8th century it was added to and extended in the 11th century and again in the 18th century and since then it has remained what it is today. At the base of the hill on which it sits and covering the rest of the island are living quarters and shops for the island population and for all of the 850,000 tourists who visit the monastery every year. It is thought by some to be the most beautiful sight in France. The message side of the postal card reads "Bonnes Vacances de Normandie. Bises" and the address site reads, "Peint Main Limoges France." Retail: About $175.00. Our price: $157.90. NEW In a country filled with magnificent sights it is no small compliment to say that this is the most magnificent sight in France. The artist painted a fine likeness of the Monastery.

F. The Tower Bridge on the Thames River Postal Card (Box). A world famous London landmark! Built in 1876 because the traffic jams in London, horse and carriage traffic jams, were so frequent they thought the bridge would alleviate them. Of course, the Thames River has always had it's own traffic jams. It is the busiest thoroughfare in London. The river traffic is constant and never ending and has always been that way even in the days of Henry VIII. Not disrupting that traffic was the single biggest problem in building the bridge.If you take a boat trip on the Thames, a favorite sightseeing tour for all visitors to London, on a weekend you can see boats lined up for miles waiting to go through the locks in the Thames River Valley. It seems like everyone who lives anywhere near the Thames has a boat but then, England is an island nation so being on the water is a part of the heritage.of an Englishman. The message side of the box says, "Bonjour de Londres." The address space reads, Tower Bridge, Londres, Angleterre. Retail: About $133.00. Our price: $119.90. NEW A fun gift for a friend or family member who shared your London experience. They will remember it and you each time they look at the box.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
G. The New York Skyline Postal Card (Box).
Isn't this a wonderful view of New York? You are looking at Manhattan from the Brooklyn side of The Brooklyn Bridge and you get a sweeping view of the whole east side of Manhattan plus a shimmering reflection of the skyline in the water of the East River. The view is at sunset and it is lovely. Sunset is not something you get to see a lot of in New York. The height of the buildings preclude views of the sunset for most New Yorkers. On the message side of the card, "Bonnes Vacances de New York." The stamp is the American flag. Retail: About $131.00. Our price: $119.90. NEW A lovely way to remember having been in New York.

H. The San Francisco Postal Card (Box.) Isn't this a lovely view of San Francisco from the Sausalito side of the Golden Gate Bridge? The Bay is dotted with white caps and the city is seen through a light fog, just the way it often is. The delicacy of this bridge is one of the beauties of San Francisco and the artist has caught it perfectly. On the message side of the card, "Bonjour de San Francisco." Retail: About $131.00. Our price: $119.90. NEW A delightful remembrance of this jewel-like city.

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