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The Insiders Club

Won't you join our special group of Limoges box collectors and permit us to

  • offer boxes to Insider Club members at reduced prices for limited periods
  • keep you apprised re: our special events such as Pre-Sale notices for members only
  • send you informative short articles about porcelain designed to help you with your collecting
  • provide you with handsome gift packaging on all boxes you purchase
  • generally make ourselves useful to you by helping select gifts oftentimes mentioning boxes that are currently not on our site
Additionally, if you let us know exactly what type of boxes you especially like, we will search the market for them exhaustively until we are able to satisfy you. And for members, on every third box you purchase at regular prices, we offer an additional 5% discount (bringing the discount to 15% off suggested retail on that box). Join us!

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