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Chevaux, "A Horse by Any Other Name"
Gertrude Stein said, "A rose by any other name" and I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing that.
The word chevaux means horses in French and like most things, for some reason, it sounds so much more graceful in French. Strangely, as large as horses are, and they are large, an average of 15 to 17 hands high* and weigh in the neighborhood of 2000 pounds, they have tremendous grace and move with such fluidity that they are perfectly beautiful to watch. To my ears, "Horse" doesn't express that but "Cheval" does. And the other thing about horses is that they appear such noble creatures. Something in their eyes, their faces, speaks of such sincerity. Their carriage is so noble. To me they are one of God's most beautiful creatures.

A. The Horse Barn Box. A tile roof on a rough stucco stable with quoined corners, arches leading into the stalls. A hay rack on one side of the building, dimensional, and old wagon wheel leaning against the side, in relief, horseshoes nailed up on the building, painted, and grass for the box base. The detail is real and believable and to make it more so there are two horse heads, dimensional, peeking out of the stalls. A horseshoe for the clasp and inside, a dimensional and removable colt. Who else but Parry Vieille could do a piece like this. Retail: About $175.00. Our price: $157.90. Longstanding and a favorite.

B. The Piebald Colt Box. Is this the sweetest colt? You look at him and you want to hug him. He is adorable. Look at the expression on his face and if you could just see his eyes and their depth of expression. This is a love. Inside the box, his pasture, a horseshoe for the closing. Retail: About $155.00. Our price: $139.90. Parry Vieille, naturally.

C. Misty, The Colt Who is All Legs Box. This little chap is so young he hasn't grown into his legs yet. He looks to be just a few months old. They are so dear when they are so young. Just beginning to explore their world. I had a Real Estate client years ago who had a horse ranch, he raised quarter horses. I would go out and visit just to see the horses. I could stand there for hours watching the young ones and how the mares looked after them and how close they stayed to their Moms in their early days. Inside, the rope for his halter and a thermos for whomever has taken him out. The clasp, the horse he hopes to be when he grows up. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90.

D. The Mare and Her Foal Box. When I saw this box it touched me in exactly the same way as I described in the preceding paragraph. The love between mare and foal is so apparent. It is a mother caring for her child. There is such a tenderness between them.The love is almost palpable. He is very young and still staying so close to his Mom because she is his world right now. In another few months that will no longer be the case. Inside, the world waiting for him, painted. The clasp, his sire. Retail : About $185.00. Our price: $166.90.

Sorry, the following item is by special order only.
E. The Riding Boot Box.
There was a store in New York many years ago called Miller's and they had the finest of riding clothes and accessories. I bought all of mine there including English boots, very similar to these, which I just adored. They were stunning with fawn britches and a black vent back jacket. Looking back, I think I enjoyed the clothes as much as the riding. In those days Central Park was a lovely place in which to ride. It was quiet, peaceful and perfectly safe.. New York was quite different then, so many, many years ago but riding is still just as fun now as it was then. For those of you who enjoy riding and all that is part of it, this charming box to remind you of many pleasurable hours. Inside an English Saddle and the clasp a horseshoe. Retail: About $275.00. Our price: $248.90.

F.  Velvet, The 2003  Title Holder Box. This magnificent creature is ensconced in her stall and living like the queen she is.  In the UK they don’t take chanpijon horses lightly. Riding is a major sport whether it is jumping or hunting or racing.   Certainly they will breed her because a mare like this one doesn’t come along that often.  If you look at her face you can see that she is aware of her stature. She is very regal looking and ever so dignified.  For horse lovers this box is a real find. Retail: About $263.00.  Our price: $238.90.

*The measurement of a "hand" is the height measurement for horses. A "hand" is 4 inches.


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