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The Best Valentine Box Ever

We're All Heart(s) 5
Variations on the theme of love.

No Longer Available.
U. The Heart that Bears a Ring Box. If the day is approaching on which you plan to pop the big question then this is the box you want! A garland of fanciful flowers floats across the lid on a ground of deep gold. Inside, a dimensional slotted ring holder that has a porcelain ring ensconced in it--removable--and in which your ring can be placed. It will do a commendable job as the bearer of such a ring. Our price: $187.90. Encore performance.

Special Order only.
V. The Envelope Filled With Love Box.
Golden butterflies and a gold heart saying "Love" are on the lid. Inside, a tiny gold heart, dimensional and removable, and the clasp, another heart. Retail: About $177.00. Our price: $159.90.

W. The For Love of The Ballet Box. A wonderful piece for a young girl who is enthralled with ballet or for anyone who is a balletomane or even anyone who loves Paris and L'Opera Garnier because inside the box is an exciting painting of L'Opera de Paris Garnier at night with lights blazing and the excitement of an opening night vividly pictured. A wonderful piece to give an enthusiast of the ballet. Retail: About $175.00. Our price: $157.90. A longtime favorite of ours and one of the last Parry Vieille boxes available.

X. The Anenomes on a Heart Box. A pale yellow ground covered with pink anenomes and the deep green of their leaves. Lovely and a charming gift that speaks of love in a whisper, the love of friendship, perhaps? Inside another Anenome and one for the clasp. Our price: $149.90.

No Longer Available.
Y. The Heart of the Sun King Box. Named for Louis XIV, did you know that he was the French ruler who led the country into the collecting of fine arts (including porcelain)?That's why I have given this box his name. He truly contributed a great deal to his nation and they have followed down this path ever since. I have never made an actual count but I am fairly certain that Paris has more museums than any other major city. Many years ago I recall being in Quebec and they had a church on every corner in the the city it seemed then. In Paris they have a museum on almost every street in the city, it seems now. (This is a "I know you love France" heart, not an "I love you" heart.) The design on the lid of the box features Louis's insignia which marked him as The Sun King. An elegant piece in wonderful colors. Retail: About $187.00. Our price: $168.90. Repeat performance.

Z. The Lots of Love from Me to You Box.
There is nothing subtle about the message this box sends.  Hearts all over the gift box and when it is opened -- a porcelain card with Kisses and the lips that send them.  What else could it mean except Lots of Love from Me to You?  It really is a cutie.  Fun and giggly but it sends an unmistakable message.  Retail: About $225.00.  Our price: $202.90.

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