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The Best Valentine Box Ever


We're All Heart(s) 3
If you find it difficult to speak of what is in your heart, you are not alone. Most people are unable to express what is in theirs. That's why there is a Hallmark company and also why song writers ply their trade and singers croon their love songs. We won't bare our souls ourselves but we will let others speak for us. Our hearts will convey your message with grace, dignity and charm--even with wit if that is your choice.

I. The Heart of Gold Box. In burnished gold, tied with pastel ribbons and a magnificent Yellow Rose touched with pale pink atop the whole.  As only Chamart does flowers; made by hand and then placed on the heart.  This is a Limited Edition of only 100 pieces.  Our price: $274.90.

J.  The Box That Says, “Marry Me.”  A delicate oval box with two hearts beating as one circled by a wreath of roses and forget-me-nots with this motif repeated on the base of the box as well, all on a pure white ground.  Inside, a single rose and “Marry Me.”  That says it all. Our price: $161.90.

K.  The Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day Box.
Not real ones, they don’t last long enough.  A Valentine gift has to last for years because, I am assuming, your feelings will last for years.  So, send porcelain roses, 9 long stemmed American Beauties, inside the box and dimensional, delivered in a handsome gold  florist box tied with a blue ribbon.  They will last forever --like your love --  and she will think of you each time she looks at this box.  Retail:  About $169.00.  Our price: $150.90.

L. The Knee Deep in Clover Picture Frame Box. This is the box that says, "In a world that is so big, we are lucky to have found each other." Instructions for use. Cut out snapshots of you and your love, insert pictures into the heart shaped frames inside the box and present your gift. Simple and to the point. The picture filled heart frames and the clover will do the rest. The exterior of the box is entwined with four leaf clovers and has tiny ladybugs resting here and there on the clover. Did you know that lady bugs are a sign of good fortune? There are an even dozen of them on the box which should do the job nicely. Our price: $209.90. Encore Performance.

M.  It Says, “Je T’Aime”  For All The World To See.
Proclaim your love, this is how to do it.  We arranged for two cherubs to hold this heart up high so it could easily be seen and looked at often. A large heart encircled  with red roses and your declaration of love on the heart.  The cherubs rest on a footed oval box with red roses in relief at the base of the heart  and more red roses circling the base of the box.  Red Roses send the same message.  Our price: $224.90.

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